Monday, 27 September 2010

Rotary Fun Day

Yesterday morning was a cold and chilly start. My husband and I had woken up at 6am as previously arranged. We were going to set off to Cheser at 7 am along with our neighbours.

Armed with directions from multimap and a satnav we were prepared. At 6.15 am the telephone rang it was the neighbours to say they were ready and would be round at our home shortly.

We arrived at our destinaton early. I explained to the neighbours that I prefer to arrive early rather than late as car parking can be problematic.

There were many rotary groups organising the event and so many volunteers.

We found the registration desk and eventually registered. We were given cards with all the events listed on them. I had stars against the events I was meant to take part in but that did not mean I couldn't attempt other activities. The main part of the day was to try new things and have fun.

Myself and our neighbours are very competitive so much so we all had a go at darts when we discovered one had beaten the other we aimed to beat that person. At one point all three of us were in a line of three dart boards my neighbours were standing up while iI was in the wheelchair aiming at the dart boards. I got 89, my female neighbour got 87 and her husband got 108 but I couldn't beat that score.

We then ventured off to Velcro darts this is soft balls with velcro on to aim at a large fabric target to which the balls should stick. There were five balls of various colours this also ended up very competitve and we each tried to beat the other.

Next we went to new age kurling this was held in the squash courts and was great fun. None of us had ever seen this game before but soon threw ourselves into it.

There was an event called pedal power this was various bicycles suitable for disabled people to try. Due to the fact I had had a hip operation this year I was unable to use a foot powered cycle so was able to use a hand powered bicyle. This was a wonderful experience and made me realise that despite my legs don't work properly I could still use a bicyle by hand if I waned to in the future.

There were several bicycles on the track at one point and I felt a bit nervous luckily I had listened to how to slow down or speed up with the bicycle I was on. I had to brake a few times due to others speeding and racing each other with enthusiasm.

After this I attempted cricket from the wheelchair. I had heard my coach in stafford talking about the cricket group he had set up and I felt it was not for me. Litte did I realise how much I would enjoy it.

There were several of us in wheelchairs playing cricket and it was a fantastc feeling to be able to catch and hit a cricket ball. There were many smiling faces showing signs of enjoyment and achievement.

On each of the cards activities were scored or signed off.

I attempted carpet bowls and enjoyed this very much. My neighbours also took part in this sport and competed against each other.

There were some sports we were good at and some we weren't so good at.

At 3pm the events were packed away. At 3.15 there was a medal ceremony everyone who took part was given a medal. Prior to the medals being given out the highest scorers were awarded certificates.

Our group was at the back of the ceremony listening to what was going on and being supportive. Several certificates were given out.

The next thing we heard was my name being called, my neighbours took my bags off me so that we could manoevre the wheelchair through the crowd. Eventually I got to where I was meant to be and was presented with a certificate for carpet bowls.

This is the second time I have attended a Rotary fun day this year thanks to the disability sport club I attend in Stafford. Last time I won a trophy for being the top wheelchair contestant (this is currently on the mantlepiece).

Our neighbours enjoyed themselves and had no idea what sports were available to them until yesterday now they seem interested in doing lots more.

During the winter months we still train at Stafford no matter what the weather there is only a week when the club doesn't meet and that is Christmas week.

Last Thursday evening was interesting as I was in Stafford training with javelin throwing when a thunderstorm hit. We were prepared for the rain with waterproofs and umbrellas but the lightning and thunder was just a bit much. I was throwing pretty well despite the rain when the thunder came I jumped out of my skin and went white. My coach knew I didn't like storms as I had explained this to him before the session. I battled on and the storm seemed to ebb away slightly. This gave me time to have some more throws and then the storm returned with a vengence. This meant end of training while we had to shelter indoors. I had no idea how many athletes actually attended the track until that moment when we were all in the same room. When out on track or field it doesn't appear that many.

The main thing that the coaches instill in us is enjoying sport far more than anything else.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Life is Like Buses

I had set my heart on a web design course and finally plucked up the courage to enrol on one.

I was apprehensive when I attended the local college on Wednesday evening to do the course. I know how to turn on a computer but web design seemed beyond me.

I needn't have worried the tutor asked how many of us could use Word answer was all of us. We were then informed that this meant we could cope with the course.

Well here goes. First lecture over and completed. The package used is dreamweaver. From a student perspective this is a good package but to purchase a copy to use at home is going to be very expensive.

So why is my life like buses. I have been attempting to set up Swimming After Surgery with the help of the local authority. Finally they now have funding and have allocated swimming pool time. You've guessed it, Wednesday evenings have been picked for this project.

Oh well, I will have to miss one lecture to help with this project and then return to the web design course. It can't be helped and I can't split myself in two no matter how much I would love to.

In the meantime I have been plodding along with my usual hobbies, writing, helping out at the swimming club and disability sports.

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Wellington Festival as yet again I have a prior engagement.

This year seems to be full of double booking or things I would love to do but have already confirmed a position somewhere else.

I have managed to keep a promise to my husband which was the bungalow would be painted, furniture arranged and carpet in, within 3 months and we have achieved that.

This was why I was determined to enrol on a web design course and move forward with my life.

Now onwards and upwards to see what else I can achieve. Who knows where the rest of the year will take me.