Monday, 21 December 2009

How to beat the Christmas Blues

First of all don't get too stressed. Christmas is meant to be quality family time together (yes I know some of you will be going WHAT!!!) others will agree with me.

So what are my top tips for not getting into a tiz over Christmas.

1) Buy a couple of presents each month. This year I was lucky and had all mine bought by middle of October and wrapped them together with labels (unlike last year, so had to undo the lot to work out each lucky recipient's name). By buying a present each month you don't notice a huge wad of money disappearing in one go and it makes it so much easier to cope with.

2)Stick to a budget, there are some wonderful gift ideas either on the internet or discount stores that don't look cheap but are very reasonably priced.

3) No matter how much you spend on someone it is the thought that really counts and if like me you put a lot of thought into who gets what most people are really happy with your choices. If they aren't they can always recycle them or give them to charity. I know someone who recycles presents and by mistake returned the gift to the same person who gave it to them a few years before.

4) Home made is nice but if you don't have the time, inclination or energy shop bought is fine most people don't know the difference and so long as there is food for them to eat they are happy. There is no need to stress about not doing things and putting pressure on what you think someone expects is just not going to ease the tension.

5) To really make Christmas special and less work for yourself and family you could always book a meal out that way no one is left with the chore of washing up. It depends on what everyone else wishes to do but if you each pay for yourselves then the bill gets shared too.

6) Don't build yourself up as to what gifts you will receive. If you don't receive something you wish for you can always try and obtain it in the January sales.

7) Spare a thought for those spending Christmas alone and if you know someone in this position try and send them something small to cheer them up.

8) Don't worry about what to wear at a party the main thing is you were invited for you to turn up not the dress you wear.

9) If you are going away to spend time with family or in-laws take things to keep you occupied like something to read, puzzle books or some games.

10) To prevent the feeling of guilt over how much you eat or drink from your hosts while you are away take some of your favourite food or tipple with you that way the family know you are contributing to having a good time too

I hope these tips help and that everyone has a Merry (HIC) Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best wishes


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not Feeling Great

Dear All,

I have put a post in my other Blog My Not So Positive Life as an explanation as to why I have felt the way I have over the last week.

Perhaps you will understand my feelings.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Busy Week only part way through

Dear All,

I attended a Disability Forum on Monday and was horrified to hear how some people treat disabled people.

The reason I attend meetings like this is for a positive impact on the local community and hope that things get implemented nationally for the benefit of others.

One thing that made my blood boil was two ladies who attend this meeting are blind and have guide dogs. They use public transport and have great difficulty obtaining assistance from members of the public or staff on these services.

School children are kicking and stamping on their guide dogs whilst they use public transport. These dogs are not pets and without them they could not get about and would be trapped indoors.

I hope that things improve radically in the future so that the people who are doing this stop and realise what impact their actions are having.

I am disgusted to know that these things are taking place and was so appalled I am doing something about it.

The transport providers are being asked to attend the forum on a regular basis so that problems can be addressed and I really hope that this one gets resolved sooner rather than later.

Another issue that comes up regularly is mothers will not collapse their buggies to allow a wheelchair user on a bus or train so that the disabled person can occupy the space allocated for a wheelchair. The wheelchair sign is only guidance at present and until 2016 can not be enforced.

All the drivers can do is patiently ask a mother to put her buggy down if she refuses then the disabled person cannot access their chosen mode of transport thus resulting in them being left behind at the bus stop.

Years ago it was second nature to give up a seat to a disabled person without being asked now it seems it has to be leglislated upon. This nation seems so full of bureaucracy and red tape that many disabled people feel discriminated against and just don't have the fight in them to beat the bureaucrats.

I am searching for ways around the guide dog situation and how to stop it, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Best wishes


Tuesday, 8 December 2009


If anyone receives an email entitled MAIL SERVER REPORT do not open it but delete it immediately.

At present the virus contained in this email does not have a cure and the anti-virus programmes are not geared up to prevent this one hitting your computer.

Hope you all manage to stay free of this one.

Best wishes


Sunday, 6 December 2009


I have had a letter published in The Sun this week and today I had another letter published in The News of the World.

I know with the Sunday papers I have to wait a week to find out if they are going to be published but when they do publish a letter it does make it all feel worthwhile.

I took my time to work out which topic I wanted to write about and thought about how to write it for a long time before I eventually sent the email off.

I had quickly scanned the letter page today and didn't think I had one published but I had and was pleased.

I am off to Stafford on Tuesday to collect a certificate another one to add to my collection. This one is to say that I took part in the Rotary International Disabled Sports Championships in Coventry.

I have a busy week lined up.

Best wishes to everyone


Friday, 4 December 2009

One of my previous posts

I decided to delete one of my posts as it was so negative. I am not normally a negative person but things have got to me right now.

I don't know why and I despise myself for it.

I apologise for any upset or offence I have caused.

Best wishes


At It Again Must be a Glutton for Punishment LOL

The date has now been set for the 2010 Cancer Research UK Relay for Life it is the 11th and 12th September to be held at London Road Sports Centre in Shrewsbury next to the Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology.

So with the memories of this year's event and how much money that was raised our aims are high and we hope that the weather is the same as it was this year.

The commitee meetings start in January and no doubt we will be busy getting people involved, teams signed up, obtaining raffle prizes and just generally hoping for a good turn out and a fantastic 22 hours of community spirit.

For more details about Relay for Life and what it has involved in the past few years follow this link

Details will be put up in the New Year of how to register for the Relay for 2010 and I will keep you posted as to progress.

Best wishes to you all


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Good News from September

Some of you may remember that I attended a charity event in September for Cancer Research Uk, well last Friday was the thank you party for the teams and committee members involved in the event.

Unfortunately due to the horrid cold/flu that my husband and I both had we were unable to attend. We telephoned the organiser of the event and explained we would be dropping the money off and going straight back home as we both felt so unwell.

The organiser told us not to bother doing that and that she would see us in the New Year when the meetings start for the organisation of the next Relay for Life.

Before the telephone call ended she informed us the event had raised £30,700.00 so that night in the tent with Steve had been well worth it.

Considering the financial climate this year this is a wonderful result and a big thank you to all those who formed teams, attended the event, gave donations, donated raffle prizes and just showed their support.

It means so much to so many people.