Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Good News from September

Some of you may remember that I attended a charity event in September for Cancer Research Uk, well last Friday was the thank you party for the teams and committee members involved in the event.

Unfortunately due to the horrid cold/flu that my husband and I both had we were unable to attend. We telephoned the organiser of the event and explained we would be dropping the money off and going straight back home as we both felt so unwell.

The organiser told us not to bother doing that and that she would see us in the New Year when the meetings start for the organisation of the next Relay for Life.

Before the telephone call ended she informed us the event had raised £30,700.00 so that night in the tent with Steve had been well worth it.

Considering the financial climate this year this is a wonderful result and a big thank you to all those who formed teams, attended the event, gave donations, donated raffle prizes and just showed their support.

It means so much to so many people.

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