Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not Feeling Great

Dear All,

I have put a post in my other Blog My Not So Positive Life as an explanation as to why I have felt the way I have over the last week.

Perhaps you will understand my feelings.

Best wishes



  1. Sorry you are feeling low and unwell, Fee. Not nice. Hope you feel better soon. Wrekin Writers might help on Saturday?


  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling low. I didn't know you had another blog.
    Hope we can cheer you up on Saturday
    Love Di

  3. My God Fee that is absolutely dreadful. But you're lucky that although it's a nasty bruise there isn't really any swelling. I'm glad about that.
    But please don't let one incident stop you from going to the Mall and doing your shopping. God abled bodied people get nasty whacks and bruises so whoever whacked you didn't do it on purpose and I guess, like over here, the Malls in England are pretty manic with Christmas shoppers, It's that time of the year.
    But to make you laugh the first time my kid got a black eye they wore it as a trophy and I even caught them using make up to make sure it lasted longer. When I wiped it off - I got the cry Oh Mom but I was so proud of it.
    Perhaps you could wear yours as a trophy and laugh about it call it an occupational hazzard

    Joking apart I do hope you contacted your local media, papers, radio etc and got them to do a feature on what happened to you. These guys have fantastic cameras and their pictures would have shown up exactly how badly you were hurt, also it would highlight part of your aim in being positive and that is helping people. I can't see any better way to help people, particularly disabled people than asking other to be mindful of guys in a wheelchair and using your own experience to highlight exactly what you're saying.

    Hope you recover soon


  4. You waited before commenting about what happened, came to terms with it and carried on as bravely as ever, well done