Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What a Day

I was at the local hospital today promoting Cancer Research UK Relay for Life event to be held on the 12th and 13th September. We arrived prior to 9 am. There was an arrangement with the hospital that we would not have to purchase a car parking ticket as we were doing things for charity.

We spoke to the car park attendant and explained what we were doing and that an arrangement had been made for us to park our car. The lady car parking attendant said this was fine.

We set up inside and displayed our survivor t-shirts one on each side of us. We displayed various leaflets and posters on the counter and then decided to place a large bucket along with other posters and a banner across the way from us the other side of the foyer.

Initially the large banner was placed at an angle but the number of people that cut the corner and walked into it made us move it towards the tables and hopefully out of harms way.

We then positioned ourselves ready to pounce if anyone approached. This also gave me a chance to people watch.

A number of consultants walked past took a quick glance and walked on never to be seen again.

The porters were totally different smiling and making eye contact trying to work out what we were doing. As the day drew on they came over and chatted with us. Just as I was in the middle of my pitch a fire alarm went off and they had to dash off. This did not deter me as I was able to catch one of the porters just as he was leaving and finished the speel from where I had left it. This meant the porter left with a number of leaflets, bags for collecting clothes and other bric a brac to place in them and a poster to put in the staff room.

The nurses came and went during the day collecting the donation station bags for clothing etc to be placed in them.

The patients there were two classes of patient. Those that wanted to give and put money in the tubs on our side of the foyer as cancer had either affected them or members of their family so wanted to talk to us. This gave me a chance to let them know the difference between Relay and Race and many were keen to visit on the day even if not take part.

There were the other types of patients who did not want to talk but put money in the large bucket the other side of the corridor. I offered them words of thanks and a sticker. Some accepted a sticker others just walked off.

It was a good day and I am glad we stuck it out.

There was a snag when we got back to the car. A car parking ticket had been placed on it for £40. This was soon sorted out but we were not amused. The lady who had arranged the foyer slot for us was informed about the parking ticket and was not impressed either.

We know we will have to purchase a ticket when I go to the hospital as a patient in the next couple of weeks but those are other posts.

I rang the chair of our committee as soon as I got home to let her know how we had got on. Time will tell how successful today has been.

I am feeling really positive despite being tired.

Best wishes to everyone


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Well I did it

I attended the Drayton Writers "Open Mike" event today.

Tips for those doing anything similar in the future.

1. Preparation

How long is the slot you have been allocated? Never over run your invited time. Work out what pieces of work you have that can fit into the time slot. My slot was 3-5 minutes max. I chose 3 small poems and new these could be fitted in easily in three minutes. My wonderful husband timed me yesterday to ensure that I would not overrun.

2. Arrival

Make sure you arrive in plenty of time so that any forseen circumstances like traffic jams or road works etc won't make any difference and fluster you.

3. Speaking/Reading

When you go to stand in front of everyone. Take a few deep breaths.

I didn't do this and was shaking like a leaf all the way through my readings. I was given this advice after the event.

So my best advice is learn from my mistakes.

Make sure everyone can hear you and speak loudly and clearly.

That is all the advice I can give you.

Above all else try and enjoy the experience. I wasn't the only one who was nervous and some of the others there were also new to this experience. The more practiced at events like this were really supportive.

So tonight I went off swimming to celebrate.

Best wishes to everyone


A Double

What does the heading mean? A double drink. Well definitely not.

I have managed to get two letters published in the News of the World today one under my own name the other under my husband's. He knows I do this.

I looked at the letters page and didn't see my letter at first. It was after reading each letter on the same topic that I discovered my own letter.

Further down the page was the one in my husband's name. He looked stunned when I showed him the letters page.

Obtaining the News of the World on a Sunday is certainly my motivation for the day as when my husband brings the newspaper in I immediately snatch it off him and scan it.

I obviously have a talent for writing letters lets see what other writing talents I have.

Today is going to be one of my biggest tests but without trying I know I will never succeed at anything.

Little things are mounting into bigger things who knows where this will all lead. One day I hope to achieve all my dreams but for now I plod along slowly.

Yesterday seemed to go well too with the launch of Cancer Research UK Relay for Life event in Shrewsbury. My wonderful supportive husband was able to hand out some posters to some shops where he knew the staff and let them know about the event.

It is going to be hard work but by doing things in advance the bigger jobs don't seem to be so huge a task as not to be able to be achieved.

Writing is like this. Start with small goals and the big ones will follow and fall into place.

With Simon's encouragement I now have some wonderful ideas for short stories so will see where these take me.

Best wishes


Saturday, 27 June 2009

Preparation is the Key

I am attending an "open mike" event tomorrow so having discovered how long each slot lasts I have been timing my pieces to fit in with that time without rushing each one.So having looked at a site link sent by a friend I have been looking at that for tips.

I hope that tomorrow goes ok and I do not let anyone down.I am sure it is going to be ok but nerves are creeping in.I know what I am going to wear and what I have prepared.

So hopefully my preparation won't let me down.

Best wishes to everyone


Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Really Strange Day

Where do I start and what lessons have I learned from today.

I went on a return train journey today so that was two train trips in one day. First train should have been straight through no changing trains. GREAT. Things did not go to plan which is typical of my life. When I boarded the train in Telford we were informed by the lovely conductor that we would have to change at Shrewsbury as the train we were on was very poorly. He even told us which platform we would be getting into Shrewsbury on and where the train to take us onwards with the rest of the journey would be waiting for us. He even helped escort some of us less able bodied than the rest to ensure we made the change in time.

As I left the train in Gobowen I asked him if he ever got bored. "No, he said something goes wrong on every journey whether it be a customer getting on board the wrong train or the train going wrong". He even helped me off the train.

I plucked up the courage to speak to someone I had been sitting with on a couple of occasions when I had made this journey in the mornings in the past. I guessed he was a lecturer and I was right.

We had a good chat and left each other to do various things for me it was read a book. For him it was going through an assignment.

On the return journey I decided to people watch. I even noticed things I hadn't noticed before like an oil depot for the rural houses to obtain their heating oil from.

I was surprised at how many open mouths I could see with people sleeping on the train and some were snoring. I could imagine a naughty child putting sweets or something worse into some of their mouths.

I can never sleep on a train for fear of missing my stop and ending up at the wrong platform or worse station.

After hooking up with two further carriages in Shrewsbury we gained more passengers. Some of the sleepy heads woke up others remained asleep. One man got off the train having nearly missed the stop. I watched him later banging a bottle of beer against the railings to try and remove the bottle cap. This made me smile.

A young couple texted each other as they knew they were on the same train and were trying to locate each other. They succeeded. They met up and the girl could not stop giggling. Obviously young love. They proceeded to muck around for a bit.

I was fascinated watching different people when they reached their destination stop. Some get up before the stop to ensure they are off the train in time and do not panic. Others seem agitated if the train doors don't open immediately they push the button or the train is held prior to pulling into the station. Then there are the laid back ones who slowly but surely take their time knowing eventually they will get off the train before it departs without being pushed back by those trying to get on the train.

I am one of those who is always organised and is waiting by the door as the train draws to a stop. I am not sure what this says about my character.

I always seem to hear gasps of exasperation as people have to move back to let me off the train while they are waiting to board. It makes sense to me that if you give space for those coming off there will be space for them to get on and the train won't leave if you are still trying to get aboard as the conductors ensure that this does not happen. This is not the same if you turn up on the platform just as the train is due to depart and the doors shut in your face just as you get there. I have had this happen to me but knew I was able to catch another one an hour later.

When I got home there was a letter from the local paper about a letter I had had published recently. I had had sent a few in recently so did not know which one it was referring to. I therefore trawled through my sent box and found the one in question. I had sent it in on the 6th June and therefore could not remember it. I did as soon as I looked in my sent box and worked back the dates.

Not only that I had received a reply from both Police Forces I had written to about why teenagers go off the rails. Both letters were extremely positive and are going to keep me informed of developments. I obviously have a talent for writing letters. Having my legal background I suppose helps.

I just wish I could change things to help others now and not have to wait for red tape to be broken but that is what my life revolves around now is breaking down barriers not building them up so that others can enjoy life.

So on the whole a positive end to a very strange day as things in my life never go according to plan.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but one thing for sure is I am looking forward to a really busy weekend which no doubt will be rewarding in itself.

This week has proved no matter how much self doubt I have when I set about doing something I can always achieve something even if it is just something small.

So a really positive week so far. Liam's workshop is obviously paying off.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Thank You Julie

Dear Julie,

Thank you for mentioning Much Wenlock Book Shop in your blog.

I visited there today and was really impressed with the friendly service we received.

I even managed to drag myself with my stick up the stairs and have finally got my hands on my first ever "moleskin" notebook. So no doubt I will take great pleasure in opening this in the future and using it.

I am determined to visit the Much Wenlock bookshop again as there were some titles that caught my eye and I wish to explore these further.

So this proud owner of a moleskin is going to sign off now.

Thanks again Juie.

Best wishes



If something seems daunting as too much trouble or not able to be done in a certain time. Break it down into chunks.

What seems boring can be made into a challenge I will get so many words done in such a time and make it a competition with yourself and the clock.

Editing a piece of work that you are really pleased with but needs double checking could be made to be a challenge by recording it and then playing it back.

There are ways around things just don't look at the negatives as holding you back.

My biggest fear is not being able to obtain a loan or whatever else I want to do due to ill health but with a proper business plan in place I know one day I will achieve my goal and then who will be laughing all the way to the bank?

So with that thought in mind I am off to follow my dreams and one day achieve them.

Best wishes.


Life is Strange

I have given up wondering the whys about life. It isn't worth the hassle to try and analyse life. What I do firmly believe is things happen for a reason.

Luckily for me my wonderful husband had not arranged anything for our first anniversary. Why lucky? I hear you ask. Well I received a telephone call from an acquaintenance from the internet who has done a lot for me asking if we would go to her wedding. I checked our diary and have nothing booked so what could be better than spending our wedding anniversary seeing someone else start their new life together as husband and wife. So that saves my husband the trouble of organising anything. I have always wanted to thank the couple in person for what they have done for me over the last three years. So to be invited to their wedding is a wonderful honour.

During the telephone conversation I asked about gifts as wedding etiquette states that gift lists should not be sent with the invitations. I know, that many people do this to save time with postage etc etc and it put brides in awkward situations. So having been in that position myself last year I thought I would break the ice and ask. The bride to be's answer was the same as mine was last year "we haven't thought about anything yet we just want people to be there".

So knowing I am going to a wedding I am excited at the prospect. I have told my husband I am determined not to use my wheelchair. We will take it in case I need it in the car but hopefully I will manage without it.

So I have a lot to look forward to what with the wedding, and a writers retreat this girl couldn't be happier.

Who knows I might even get a few short stories out of this little lot.

Best wishes


Monday, 22 June 2009

Posivity Does Pay Off - Honest

Today I was determined to be positive and achieve what I planned to do today.

1. Get rid of a the horrid smelly grey rug out of the living room. (skipped this)

2. Get rid of a microwave our neighbours had tried to stuff in their wheelie bin until we informed them the dustbin men would refuse to take it.

3. Get rid of other rubbish and take it to the tip along with above microwave. This included old paint. After a visit to recycling depots this was finally disposed of correctly.

4. Drop some letters in to a Solicitor.

5. Purchase a train ticket for tomorrow

6. Go to Shrewsbury and see if we could obtain a donation for the survivors' lap from a florist.

All of the above was achieved and the florist seemed keen to do something to help. So will find out in the very near future if they will agree to do it.

I also have booked myself to go to a Professional Speakers meeting as a guest on the 8th September in Birmingham. It means missing a support group meeting but if I don't do this for myself no one is going to do it for me.

So I am moving on slowly but surely. Rome was not built in a day I have to keep reminding myself.

I am not going to let the grass grow under my feet though.

Best wishes to everyone.


I am going to be Positive today

Last night my head started to swell and hurt in various places. My husband was concerned and wanted to take me to the doctors. This is not the first time this has happened recently and I put it down to being tired. Off I went to bed.

I woke up this morning to discover my right hand is being a bit cantankerous to say the least. It does this from time to time with spondylitis and means I can't hold a pen let alone a glass of orange juice. My husband bless him had to feed me this morning. I dislike this feeling. I know these conditions are just part of me and I have to get used to them. It is hard to say the least and many will say that is an understatement.

Everyday is not the same. I can do well some days others not so well.

My aim today is to get stuff sent to the tip and sort things out as best I can.

Tomorrow I have a committee meeting for Relay for Life and want to go to see some people in Shrewsbury today to see what I can secure for the event if anything. If I don't get anywhere at least I will have tried my best.

Am not sure if I will need my dreaded wheelchair today or not. I think the damp weather certainly does not help my joints.

Oh well onwards and upwards.

I am also going to follow Liam's advice and see where this leads me.

Who knows one day I will achieve my dreams.

I have already done my Chairman's Challenge and wish there were others I could do between the monthly meetings. Sad I know but heyho. At least there is Poetry Street to also keep me occupied.

I am looking forward to next Sunday now at Market Drayton.

Best wishes to everyone.


Sunday, 21 June 2009


Dear All

Following yesterday I have a new pet which does not need feeding. Thank you Liam for your inspiration and motivation yesterday. I will certainly not allow the ducks to get me down.

Well with this one staring at me all day long I will certainly remember Liam's workshop with fond memories.

Best wishes to everyone.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Thank You for a Wonderful Start to my Day

Well I have returned home with a rubber duck!!! Yes I know you are all wondering why and what?!!!

Here is the answer http://www.liamoconnell.co.uk/liam_content.html this was the guest speaker at the writers meeting today and what a wonderful motivational person Liam is. Thank you Liam for inspiring me in keeping going with what I am trying to achieve.

I am determined now to get my book published. I know I have to wait until the end of August before I can decide whether to send it out to other publishers.

I made a fool of myself in reading this saying. Lets see how well you do.


What did you read?

Was it positive or negative?

post your comment at the bottom and I will then let you know the answer. My husband read it the same way I did too.

it reminds me of assume you should never do this as it can make an ass out of you and me. Ass u me. See what a play on words does.

Playing with words is what writing is all about. I just hope I can achieve my dreams.

Best wishes and thank you Wrekin Writers for a motivational day.

I am looking forward to next Sunday and not worried about it now.

Best wishes


Friday, 19 June 2009

What an Amazing Week

Well having got the excitement of Tuesday evening out of the way I decided to search outlets for my work. Being disabled I decided to look for disability magazines and found one called "ABLE".

Having found the NIA to be so helpful towards my particular circumstances and noticing the wheelchair service I contacted the Editor with a proposal for an article along these lines. Unfortunately it would mean other venues being visited to form comparisons and therefore would not be possible at this time to be included. However, the Editor is going to edit my proposal and publish it as a letter in the future.

I have also subscribed to ABLE to see the style of articles they accept.

I posted a comment on Boyzone.net and they asked me to do some further writing for them too.

I am feeling on top of the world despite my aches and pains. "Nothing seems to matter" at the moment only being happy and able to cope.

I have also reached over the 1000 mark on article alley with regards to the number of people who have read my various articles. You never know who is reading your work.

I am going to be really busy the next few weeks with the launch in Shrewsbury of the Relay for Life event taking part in September. Still lots to organise and help with there.

Last night we had a really strange occurence we woke up to find the alarm clock was playing up again. This could be due to a loose wire but what made this more strange was the touch lamp downstairs was on and neither of us had touched it. My philosophy is that a moth or other insect may have landed on it and triggered it as the window upstairs was open.

There is absolutely no way anyone can get into the house when the door is shut. We know from personal experience when we have accidentally locked ourselves out. It takes nearly an hour to get back in with lots of banging and other noises, so we would have known if anyone was about.

So I am happy and going out to my EFT therapist later on today. Looking forward to that too. It really helps to get out and about rather than be stuck indoors else I seem to think I am ill and this forms a depression. With the longer days I do feel much brighter and having no carers coming in I feel more in control than I once did.

Best wishes to everyone.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The past 24 hours

Oh why oh why does time go so quick when you are having so much fun?

Yesterday we set off for Birmingham early as I wanted to have a relaxing day prior to attending the Boyzone concert in the evening.

We packed together in the morning and were ready to set off just after 10 am. We used Satnav to find our way through Birmingham to the hotel we were staying at a luxury I had decided to treat ourselves to rather than have a rush out from the arena and not know what time we would return home.

I was really apprehensive as this is the first concert we have ever been to in our lives. For comfort I had decided to use my wheelchair as I was unsure of what facilities there would be at the NIA. I needn't have worried.

When we arrived we followed the Disabled Access signs. We met a security guard and showed him our tickets. He told us where to go. We had to pass two barriers and then we would find our entrance. The first barrier sensed the wheelchair and opened for us as we approached. The second one there was a gap which was just wide enough for a wheelchair to get through. Having negotiated this we found our entrance. All the staff were friendly and welcoming. It was 6.15 pm and the staff were already busy. We directed to a lift to take us up to the wheelchair access in the arena. The lifts were staffed with assistants who were more than willing to help.

We met a lovely door supervisor who was concerned at where we had been positioned to sit for the concert. It was half way along and quite a way from the stage. The first act came on and he was amazing. I won't spoil the surprise as to who it was in case others are going to the Boyzone Tour anywhere else in the country.

In the interval the door supervisor came to us and said "you have five seconds to decide I can either move you 15 yards closer to the stage or you can go Side Stage". I asked what side stage was and he said immediately facing the stage sideways on. Without hesitation I chose side stage.

What an amazing experience. We could see the dancers getting ready to go on stage we could see the whole set up before it appeared to the rest of the audience.

During a brief break the Door Supervisor came to check to see if we were happy in our new position.

At the end of the show I went to thank him but couldn't find him. On our way out I felt a tap on my shoulder it was the very door supervisor I was looking for. He asked if we had enjoyed the show. Our grins said it all. We thanked all the staff and set off to contact a taxi firm recommended by the hotel and which we had obtained their business card prior to the show. This number was transferred to our mobile phone so we could contact them when we ready to leave rather than have to pay a waiting fee.

One thing to note is that there are wheelchairs situated at the NIA for anyone who has difficulty walking and the stewards will push these and assist people to their seats. When the show is over the process is repeated and the stewards will assist anyone who needs their help in whatever way.

We were really unsure of the vendors outside the NIA offering posters, t-shirts and other stuff on them. So ignored their calls and shouts. Just before the door supervisors came out they folded the pieces of cloth containing the items and packed them up and carried them off.

It reminded me of a scene in Rome when some street traders packed everything away in under five minutes when a police car arrived. Once the police disappeared these sellers reappeared. It gave me an eerie feeling.

I had no idea mobile phones and cameras were allowed into a concert but now we know that the NIA have no restrictions on these items especially as Boyzone had a competition on during their tour to enter via mobile phone and the lucky winner got to go on stage with them. We entered but weren't lucky enough to win.

Ronan and the others had their picture taken with the lucky family's camera Ronan ran down the stage and gave the camera to the girl's mother so the picture could be taken. They really made us all feel very welcome.

I had no idea how much stamina these singers needed to carry on doing their show. Now I have some idea and they really must keep fit. The choreography was spot on. The amount of practice to get props positioned in the right place at the right time to be thrown up on stage at the precise moment ready for the boys to catch was impeccable.
We loved every moment and were sad when it had finished. We headed back home this morning to Boyzone being played in the car. We had taken the cds with us so I could listen to them on the way to Birmingham.
It is an experience I will never ever forget so thanks to Ronan Keating for arranging this for us. We are both extremely grateful and know how lucky we are.
Best wishes to everyone.

Monday, 15 June 2009

You can't trust them

The alarm was supposed to be set for 5.30 am this morning. I saw the time was creeping on as we had hit snooze several times. I felt I could have stayed in bed all day but knew I had to get up. So when our clock statd "6.34" I got up and headed for the shower. I then proceeded to get dressed in the living room. I looked up at my horse clock and could not believe my eyes. It said 6 am. I therefore assumed the clock had stopped.

Turning on the television the time BBC said was 6 am.

I asked my husband what was going on. He said he would go and check. It turns out the alarm clock was set an hour ahead. Before he had gone to check he said the alarm had definitely been set for 5.30 am and that I was fussing about nothing. NOTHING an hour missed from my bed.

When he reported back I smiled and shook my head at him. Never mind at least I won't be panicking to get out in time.

I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or worse the other way around and been late for an appointment.

Best wishes


Saturday, 13 June 2009

Slight Disappointed

I had planned to visit Cleobury Mortimer and choose some new lingerie ready for the concert today. Good job I decided to telephone first. The shop I use is closed until the 19th June. Oh well some money saved and I can make do.

So I will endeavour to get ready for afternoon tea in aid of a charity event this afternoon the other side of Oswestry.

Next on our agenda is to try and find a b&b near Southampton for 4th July as we are going sailing again for charity.

I love being out on the water and really enjoy the ease at which I can relax. Financial worries are all forgotten the moment I leave the shore. It is an amazing feeling and Steve appreciates the break too.

At Cowes Week last year I tried new sailing skills and was glad I had a go. I will never forget that experience.

I love meeting new people and trying new things. I hope the weather is nice.

I was torn between a sailing opportunity and a writing opportunity on the same day as sailing had been booked for sometime I felt I had no choice but to stick with existing plans. I hope I haven't made a wrong decision.

I suppose I can always write about my sailing experience when I return.

So my big plans have been thwarted but small ones have replaced them and I am making do, saving money in the process which is not a bad thing.

I am looking forward to next week's writers meeting. Can't wait. I have finally completed my chairman's challenge and am really happy with it.

Best wishes


Friday, 12 June 2009

This time last year

This time last year I was in the thick of organising the wedding. There was so much to do for example travelling to London to choose the dress and then arrange the other fittings. Most of the waistcoats had been organised and bought. The Registrar, hotel and chauffeur had all had their deposits paid.

Dates were noted for final payments.

Now looking back I don't know how I managed to do it all but I did. I suppose it is sheer determination that keeps us going.

I am sitting at the computer today and wondering what I will be saying about this year in next year's blog. Not a lot I am thinking at the moment as I don't feel I have achieved anything.

I know I have been busy doing various things with fingers in many pies. By the end of the year I expect I will have achieved a lot but for now I am not content with what I have done or what I have achieved. I suppose from small things large things will grow in time. The trouble with me is I am impatient I want to see the results now not later.

I can hear Nicola's voice in my head saying "You have had letters in various newspapers and your poems". But to me that is not enough my biggest goal is my book. I know now all I can do is have fingers crossed and hope that it gets accepted. If not later in the year I will try my hand again at sending it to a publisher.

To me I muddle through each day. To others they say I cope really well. I look at my old life of running or swimming before work. Going to work, swimming and then spending the rest of the evening studying. Now without much structure to my life I miss my old life and wonder what could have been. This gets me so frustrated and I know I shouldn't do it. I wonder if I ever will go back to my law studies. Who knows?

With more hospital appointments looming I am struggling to keep on top of things. If I pretend they don't exist I can stop worrying and cope with what each day brings. The swelling of my legs to me seems normal everyday life now but when it first appeared it was agony. Now I seem to accept it as part of me. I hate using my wheelchair and try to be normal. Using my sticks I can get about but I hate relying on them.

I am looking forward to Tuesday I have my outfit planned out and am looking forward to the concert. The hotel booking is secured in my bag along with the tickets (marked complimentary). Still pinching myself. Not sure if I should take an autograph book as that to me feels presumptious.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

You have to love them

Today we travelled to Llandrindod to drop my nephew's keys off to his flat. He was awaiting sky engineers to come and fix up SkyPlus. He hadn't read the small print he had seen the advert stating Free SkyPlus Box (SMALL PRINT £30 SET UP FEE) together with free internet for six months.

He hasn't been in his flat long. When choosing Sky and discussing what was needed they asked if he had a BT phoneline in his flat. The answer to this is not one connected. He has the connection boxes etc but no active landline.

The engineers connected his sky box up and then realisation dawned no live BT landline. On the condition he gets a landline within the next six weeks the skyplus was installed.

Next job to telephone BT. Using a friend's landline to phone the Sales team at BT this was a very interesting experience and will no doubt make people smile.

You dial 100 and explain to the operator what you require as you do not have a current telephone number in your own name to contact them from. They transfer you to the Sales Team. This is an automated system to start with. Option 1 PLEASE ENTER THE TELEPHONE NUMBER YOU ARE CALLING FROM IF YOU WISH TO DISCUSS YOUR ACCOUNT WITH US or words to that effect.


When he got the stage above twice my nephew hung on and nothing happened. He gave up. I then took over the phone call and dialled the operator explaining what their automated system said and the operator then realised the confusion we were having. The operator informed us to hold until a sales member answered after a long while having listened to OPTION 1 and 2 above.

Eventually my nephew gave them his address (they asked for his home telephone number LOL) to which he replied I don't have one that is why I am contacting you. They asked his previous address history and then calmly informed he had to pay £50 for installation of the landline as a deposit.

The engineers had informed us that as the box was already installed at the property it should only cost about £5. Needless to say my nephew said I will try and go with someone else. We then had to explain that in order to go with anyone else he had to have a BT line in the first place.

So we had to leave him to decide what he is going to do.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Exhausted but happy

Well this week has been hectic so far. A trip to Attingham kicked it off. My back was hurting me by the time I had finished wandering around the house, sitting down taking in the atmosphere and then wandering back to the education room to see what I was aiming for. I am glad I had the support of Julie and Nicola. I don't think I would have got through it otherwise.

Been to a support group meeting tonight and oh what a boost that has been. Being able to collect clothes for Cancer Research UK to add to the fund of the Relay for Life event to be held later on this year.

To top it all someone gave me a lovely long grey coat and it fits me a treat. Now Steve can have his old faithful back and I know he is extremely grateful.

Its been a week of lows and highs but mainly highs. I just wish I wasn't so exhausted. Waiting for appointments and then realising I have been missed off lists for six month checks is not helping my mood one bit.

At least by keeping busy with the charity I am not dwelling on it.

I know the appointments will come around eventually knowing my luck they will be on the same day and the staff will be trying to obtain the notes prior to each clinic. This has happened to me several times before. I ended up at the hospital from 8.30 am until 7pm that night after being pocked and prodded and then being informed I had to go to day surgery for a pre op assessment following the clinics.

At least I know the drill I suppose but it doesn't phase me. Its my nerves I have to deal with.

I didn't sleep much last night I got up at 3.30 am. Steve discovered I was awake and came down to see what he could do to make things better for me. There was nothing to allay my fears and worries at that time in the morning.

Everything going on in my head. I just hope I can manage to get some decent sleep tonight.

We are off out again tomorrow as my dear nephew bless him had forgotten his flat keys and left them hanging on the hook on the wall. It wasn't until we returned home we discovered them after dropping him off. So to prevent them getting lost in the post we are off out again to safely deliver them.

So that is my post for today tired but happy.

Best wishes


Saturday, 6 June 2009

I have decided to make a stand

How many times do we see something wrong with society and do nothing about it?

I have a dysfunctional family in many respects but when the chips are down I seem to step in and sort things out.

I have discovered why some teenagers are in so much trouble with the law. Some have come from a broken home, feeling unwanted and unloved they end up on the streets. They are too young to obtain benefits and too young to obtain employment. So what do they do? Get food or money anyway they can to manage to survive. This leads to a life of a crime.

I have decided to write to a couple of police authorities to see if a scheme can be set up to give these youngsters a chance to achieve their dream. In the long term I hope it will cut down court appearances which in turn would cut those costs but most importantly of all those who are lucky enough to be accepted on to such a programme would feel valued. In time I hope they turn their lives around.

Imagine having a row with a sole parent who has residency rights for you. They have re-married and the step parent doesn't want you around. You feel this tension. You believe you are worthless. Depression sets in. There are only two ways out leaving or taking your own life. You leave. You find a bridge to shelter under each night. You meet other youngsters in the same situation gangs are formed in order to survive you join one as you believe the gang will protect you from harm.

You are hungry you walk past a car there is a wallet and some money left on a seat. What do you do? You haven't eaten for five days. Starving cold, wet and miserable, your chest hurts with coughing you are desperate for food. You break the car window take the money on the seat but leave the wallet. You purchase food with the money you stole.

That is the true reality of many teenagers today. It is no wonder TB is rife in those living on the streets.

All these teenagers want is to be able to trust people again. They have lost this trust and faith in human nature.

These are just some of the problems our society faces today.

Best wishes