Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Really Strange Day

Where do I start and what lessons have I learned from today.

I went on a return train journey today so that was two train trips in one day. First train should have been straight through no changing trains. GREAT. Things did not go to plan which is typical of my life. When I boarded the train in Telford we were informed by the lovely conductor that we would have to change at Shrewsbury as the train we were on was very poorly. He even told us which platform we would be getting into Shrewsbury on and where the train to take us onwards with the rest of the journey would be waiting for us. He even helped escort some of us less able bodied than the rest to ensure we made the change in time.

As I left the train in Gobowen I asked him if he ever got bored. "No, he said something goes wrong on every journey whether it be a customer getting on board the wrong train or the train going wrong". He even helped me off the train.

I plucked up the courage to speak to someone I had been sitting with on a couple of occasions when I had made this journey in the mornings in the past. I guessed he was a lecturer and I was right.

We had a good chat and left each other to do various things for me it was read a book. For him it was going through an assignment.

On the return journey I decided to people watch. I even noticed things I hadn't noticed before like an oil depot for the rural houses to obtain their heating oil from.

I was surprised at how many open mouths I could see with people sleeping on the train and some were snoring. I could imagine a naughty child putting sweets or something worse into some of their mouths.

I can never sleep on a train for fear of missing my stop and ending up at the wrong platform or worse station.

After hooking up with two further carriages in Shrewsbury we gained more passengers. Some of the sleepy heads woke up others remained asleep. One man got off the train having nearly missed the stop. I watched him later banging a bottle of beer against the railings to try and remove the bottle cap. This made me smile.

A young couple texted each other as they knew they were on the same train and were trying to locate each other. They succeeded. They met up and the girl could not stop giggling. Obviously young love. They proceeded to muck around for a bit.

I was fascinated watching different people when they reached their destination stop. Some get up before the stop to ensure they are off the train in time and do not panic. Others seem agitated if the train doors don't open immediately they push the button or the train is held prior to pulling into the station. Then there are the laid back ones who slowly but surely take their time knowing eventually they will get off the train before it departs without being pushed back by those trying to get on the train.

I am one of those who is always organised and is waiting by the door as the train draws to a stop. I am not sure what this says about my character.

I always seem to hear gasps of exasperation as people have to move back to let me off the train while they are waiting to board. It makes sense to me that if you give space for those coming off there will be space for them to get on and the train won't leave if you are still trying to get aboard as the conductors ensure that this does not happen. This is not the same if you turn up on the platform just as the train is due to depart and the doors shut in your face just as you get there. I have had this happen to me but knew I was able to catch another one an hour later.

When I got home there was a letter from the local paper about a letter I had had published recently. I had had sent a few in recently so did not know which one it was referring to. I therefore trawled through my sent box and found the one in question. I had sent it in on the 6th June and therefore could not remember it. I did as soon as I looked in my sent box and worked back the dates.

Not only that I had received a reply from both Police Forces I had written to about why teenagers go off the rails. Both letters were extremely positive and are going to keep me informed of developments. I obviously have a talent for writing letters. Having my legal background I suppose helps.

I just wish I could change things to help others now and not have to wait for red tape to be broken but that is what my life revolves around now is breaking down barriers not building them up so that others can enjoy life.

So on the whole a positive end to a very strange day as things in my life never go according to plan.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but one thing for sure is I am looking forward to a really busy weekend which no doubt will be rewarding in itself.

This week has proved no matter how much self doubt I have when I set about doing something I can always achieve something even if it is just something small.

So a really positive week so far. Liam's workshop is obviously paying off.

Best wishes



  1. To post, 'I just wish I could change things to help others now'

    But you do. I don't think many individuals get the opportunity to change much on their own.

    Collectively it is different.

    I liken us to a giant flock of birds.

    If we all peck away at the right thing we'll contribute towards the change we want.

  2. Gosh, there's so many short story ideas there Fee. Particularly the two youngsters texting each other to find where they are on the same train.