Friday, 19 June 2009

What an Amazing Week

Well having got the excitement of Tuesday evening out of the way I decided to search outlets for my work. Being disabled I decided to look for disability magazines and found one called "ABLE".

Having found the NIA to be so helpful towards my particular circumstances and noticing the wheelchair service I contacted the Editor with a proposal for an article along these lines. Unfortunately it would mean other venues being visited to form comparisons and therefore would not be possible at this time to be included. However, the Editor is going to edit my proposal and publish it as a letter in the future.

I have also subscribed to ABLE to see the style of articles they accept.

I posted a comment on and they asked me to do some further writing for them too.

I am feeling on top of the world despite my aches and pains. "Nothing seems to matter" at the moment only being happy and able to cope.

I have also reached over the 1000 mark on article alley with regards to the number of people who have read my various articles. You never know who is reading your work.

I am going to be really busy the next few weeks with the launch in Shrewsbury of the Relay for Life event taking part in September. Still lots to organise and help with there.

Last night we had a really strange occurence we woke up to find the alarm clock was playing up again. This could be due to a loose wire but what made this more strange was the touch lamp downstairs was on and neither of us had touched it. My philosophy is that a moth or other insect may have landed on it and triggered it as the window upstairs was open.

There is absolutely no way anyone can get into the house when the door is shut. We know from personal experience when we have accidentally locked ourselves out. It takes nearly an hour to get back in with lots of banging and other noises, so we would have known if anyone was about.

So I am happy and going out to my EFT therapist later on today. Looking forward to that too. It really helps to get out and about rather than be stuck indoors else I seem to think I am ill and this forms a depression. With the longer days I do feel much brighter and having no carers coming in I feel more in control than I once did.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. Hurray! Wonderful to read! Much love, Carole. xx

  2. Hi Fee

    Does the NIA have a magazine or 'visitor newsletter'? You may be able to write your article idea up for them? Or what about Boyzone - do they have a fan magazine that you could perhaps try writing the article for? (you may be able to write more than what you post on the website.)

    Failing that - you should have got ABLE magazine to pay for you to go to some of the other venues to test them out! :-)


  3. The key is to be active. Whatever anyone's circumstance, inactivity just leads to introspection and if there are enough negatives to be introspective about, well....

    Stay active and busy.

    I quite like it when something a little odd happens in the middle of the night.

    Like you, I rationalise it but it does get the imagination working and sometimes has provided me with inspiration for a few words.