Saturday, 6 June 2009

I have decided to make a stand

How many times do we see something wrong with society and do nothing about it?

I have a dysfunctional family in many respects but when the chips are down I seem to step in and sort things out.

I have discovered why some teenagers are in so much trouble with the law. Some have come from a broken home, feeling unwanted and unloved they end up on the streets. They are too young to obtain benefits and too young to obtain employment. So what do they do? Get food or money anyway they can to manage to survive. This leads to a life of a crime.

I have decided to write to a couple of police authorities to see if a scheme can be set up to give these youngsters a chance to achieve their dream. In the long term I hope it will cut down court appearances which in turn would cut those costs but most importantly of all those who are lucky enough to be accepted on to such a programme would feel valued. In time I hope they turn their lives around.

Imagine having a row with a sole parent who has residency rights for you. They have re-married and the step parent doesn't want you around. You feel this tension. You believe you are worthless. Depression sets in. There are only two ways out leaving or taking your own life. You leave. You find a bridge to shelter under each night. You meet other youngsters in the same situation gangs are formed in order to survive you join one as you believe the gang will protect you from harm.

You are hungry you walk past a car there is a wallet and some money left on a seat. What do you do? You haven't eaten for five days. Starving cold, wet and miserable, your chest hurts with coughing you are desperate for food. You break the car window take the money on the seat but leave the wallet. You purchase food with the money you stole.

That is the true reality of many teenagers today. It is no wonder TB is rife in those living on the streets.

All these teenagers want is to be able to trust people again. They have lost this trust and faith in human nature.

These are just some of the problems our society faces today.

Best wishes



  1. Thanks Carole

    This is going to be a tough one to turn around as many may say they don't deserve it and it is bad behaviour being rewarded. I am not naive.

    I have just had enough of the way things are but when you see a background like I have painted above it makes sense.

  2. That's it Fee - go and sort the Police out! Hey, this sounds like a good topic for another letter to the Shropshire Star to me!

  3. Greetings Fee,
    I understand exactly what you mean in this blog. What astounds me and saddens me is the provocative attitude I have witnessed towards teenagers by 'mature' adults who have passed judgement on our youth without knowing the facts.
    I have done a few blogs similar to your topic. As somebody who raised a teenager on his own and has worked with today's teenagers from the grass roots level at a centre for the homeless in Stoke, I have witnessed first-hand, the unfair stigma that many of our youths endure.
    Stigma, in all its ugly forms, needs to be addressed by society. Better mental health wellbeing will be realised from a more positive environment.
    Thank you for this blog, Fee. Take good care and keep smiling. Warm wishes, Gary.

  4. Keep us posted on how you do.

    Teenagers can learn and adapt in a way that we fully fledged adults cannot.

    I admire what you are doing.

    Good luck.

  5. By listening to someone you can learn so much and get an insight into how they end up in a particular situation. Sometimes things cannot be changed but I truly believe a negative can be turned into a positive.

    If each of us tries to make a difference together things could change. Sometimes it just takes one voice to trigger something and other voices join so that as a whole a group can be heard.

    I will see what I can do to change things but I know I cannot do this alone.

    Thank you all for your support.

    Best wishes


  6. Fee, there are a few good projects out there for teenagers and I wonder if looking at them is a good place to start. 'D'biz' is one that springs to mind. I think this is a joint venture between the church and the council and operates throughout Cheshire (don't know if it does anything further afield.)Good luck!

  7. Dear Helen

    Thanks for your support. I will look at that project when I get time. Thank you for letting me know.

    Best wishes