Monday, 15 June 2009

You can't trust them

The alarm was supposed to be set for 5.30 am this morning. I saw the time was creeping on as we had hit snooze several times. I felt I could have stayed in bed all day but knew I had to get up. So when our clock statd "6.34" I got up and headed for the shower. I then proceeded to get dressed in the living room. I looked up at my horse clock and could not believe my eyes. It said 6 am. I therefore assumed the clock had stopped.

Turning on the television the time BBC said was 6 am.

I asked my husband what was going on. He said he would go and check. It turns out the alarm clock was set an hour ahead. Before he had gone to check he said the alarm had definitely been set for 5.30 am and that I was fussing about nothing. NOTHING an hour missed from my bed.

When he reported back I smiled and shook my head at him. Never mind at least I won't be panicking to get out in time.

I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or worse the other way around and been late for an appointment.

Best wishes


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  1. I'm one of those lucky individuals who doesn't need an alarm.

    If I have to get up at a given time I do set the alrm just to make sure.

    And then wake up a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off.

    I rarely tempt providence by not setting the alarm.