Monday, 22 June 2009

Posivity Does Pay Off - Honest

Today I was determined to be positive and achieve what I planned to do today.

1. Get rid of a the horrid smelly grey rug out of the living room. (skipped this)

2. Get rid of a microwave our neighbours had tried to stuff in their wheelie bin until we informed them the dustbin men would refuse to take it.

3. Get rid of other rubbish and take it to the tip along with above microwave. This included old paint. After a visit to recycling depots this was finally disposed of correctly.

4. Drop some letters in to a Solicitor.

5. Purchase a train ticket for tomorrow

6. Go to Shrewsbury and see if we could obtain a donation for the survivors' lap from a florist.

All of the above was achieved and the florist seemed keen to do something to help. So will find out in the very near future if they will agree to do it.

I also have booked myself to go to a Professional Speakers meeting as a guest on the 8th September in Birmingham. It means missing a support group meeting but if I don't do this for myself no one is going to do it for me.

So I am moving on slowly but surely. Rome was not built in a day I have to keep reminding myself.

I am not going to let the grass grow under my feet though.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. Dear Fee,
    Keeping busy, maintaining a positive focus, even on the mundane tasks, is such a healthy attitude.
    Slowly but surely, 'Rome' will be built.
    Best wishes to you, Fee.
    Positive anticipation is the way to be. Kind wishes, Gary.

  2. I think when there are fundamental stresses and pressures in our lives the most efficient solution can be distraction. Activity; it doesn't matter what it is either.

    Sometimes, though, that activity can turn into a pressure, 'What must I do now to distract?'

    So, maybe, to revisit one aim might be OK for the occasional day.

    The aim? To do nothing; to acheive nothing. You see, with that aim for just that one day you might acheive everything.

    Yeah, I know, it sounds silly. A little trite.

    But think; that doing nothing might be a distraction. A rare contrast from the norm of being busy.

    Ignore me if I'm talking bollocks.

  3. Dear A Write Blog,

    I know exactly what you mean if you don't aim high and achieve something you have achieved more than you set out to do for the day. If you aim to achieve things and don't you think you have failed which puts added pressure on.