Sunday, 29 November 2009

Being Organised

I hate crowds and detest shopping at the best of times. To avoid the rush and all the crowds I tend to buy presents online. This sometimes works out cheaper and if there are any problems there is plenty of time to resolve various issues.

This year I have bought various presents during all the last eleven months and these have been wrapped now.

This means there are no last minute panics and all the presents I intended to buy have been bought.

Being organised with writing is the same thing. Pick an article out of a paper to comment on, read it thoroughly and then write the letter to the various newspaper.

With article writing it is the same pick the topic you want to write about and plan it out. Then send it off either by post or email to the publisher concerned.

By being organised and planning time for writing things can get achieved.

People may snigger and say that it is silly being organised so early for Christmas but it does take the stress out of it all.

Best wishes


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

As requested Eunant Retreat

Eunant Retreat

The retreat arrived very fast
There were eight at this repast
Well Sue Ross she managed to get lost
Got her car turned round at no extra cost
She also completed a walk around the whole of the lake
And returned to have some tea and cake
Everyone else was worried as she was gone so long
That night there was music and song
No rest for the wicked not even at night
This lot got in a right state it would cause such a fright
Especially with Darren saying there was a blood stain
He stood and watched the colour drain
As he explained there was a plaque on the wall
And enjoyed telling them all
Bev and Di got their own back
He was worried they may attack
But no it was only a fairy story
That got him so full of worry
Bryan and Di oh how can they jive
To see this go to You Tube live
Susan and Mike even joined in the fun
I wonder if this will appear in the Sun?
Mike wanted to obtain photos of the stream
Susan wanted to scream
For Mike nearly got too close to the water
But he knew he oughta
Listen to Susan so in he came like a naughty school boy
All humble, apologetic and coy
Fee decided to have a bath
She thought she got locked in this was a laugh.
Beverley Cherry went somewhere palacial
To have a massage and a facial

My First Writing Retreat

I have just returned from my first ever writers retreat. Despite feeling generally unwell the whole weekend it was great. I found such wonderful support throughout the whole weekend even when my coughing must have got on people's nerves.

I think I know finally understand the word "relax" thanks to Darren's antics amongst others. Bev with her lovely cherry wine it was so divine.

I didn't achieve what I set out to do but I got far more done than I expected considering how I really felt.

It was our last night all together, during the afternoon I decided to doodle with words and make some fun of the whole long weekend.

I was so unsure I showed it to Di for approval. She laughed and thought it was really wicked.

So I waited to hear the news of others before I finally completed it.

I read it out last night to those that it affected, I was so unsure in case I offended anyone not having done anything like it before in my life.

It caused some merriment all right.

So I let out a huge sigh of relief. Not only did I manage to complete my first ever writing retreat but didn't cause any offence.

Eunant is where we stayed. The weather was really wet with strong winds but we did manage to get some dry spells where people went out for walks hoping not to get caught in too heavy weather.

I do not have any photographs as I didn't feel up to that task.

It was a lovely weekend and Mike and Susan really did us proud in organising it all.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

A time for Reflection

This time last year I got hitched to my wonderful husband.

To celebrate our anniversary we were invited to a wonderful couple's wedding and I could not think of a nicer way of celebrating a wonderful event.

The day goes by so quickly and to remember the wonderful day free from the stress is a lovely way to spend today.

Here are some of those moments.

The cake

No getting out of it now darling we have signed and sealed the marriage certificate

My arm's aching how many more people want me in this pose? I'm tired but I am not going to show it.

Finally enjoying a romantic moment during the reception.
Best wishes to the wonderful couple who got married on Saturday. I wish you a wonderful, happy life together.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I have some wonderful news to share

I made it to Coventry in plenty of time ready for the big event. This was the 28th Disability Sports Championship arranged by Rotary International and what a wonderful event it was.

This was the first competition I have ever entered and had no idea what to expect.

I was entered as part of Staffordshire and Shropshire Triathlon team and was to participate in the swimming event. This entailed swimming four lengths (100 metres) as fast as possible.

Bearing in mind I don't have a coach and just go out and swim every week for about an hour here is the result of my efforts.

Steve took a photograph at the beginning of my timed session but I was so quick off the mark he got a photograph of the pool only.

I was tired after my effort but I did it in Wait For It 3.27 minutes. I usually do a length a minute in normal swimming conditions.
After this event I met up with other team members and eventually got my breath back.
Later on I was offered the chance to go weight lifting. There are no pictures of this and I will explain why. Due to the number of operations I have had everyone was worried about my left arm and the lack of movement in it. The team coaches who organised the event informed the weight lifting trainer to watch out for my left arm.
I took up my position lying flat on my back and followed instructions. No weights were put on the bar to start with. I was told to lift my arms forward and hold on to the bar. I did exactly as I was told. I had no qualms about giving this a go. As I got to the third lift of the bar only the trainer asked if it was getting any easier. It was. He explained that this was due to my muscles warming up. He told me we would do five more lifts with just the bar and then one with small weights only.
The "biscuits" (small weights) went onto the bar. I was asked if I was happy. The bar was brought down to my chest and then I had to push it up. I did it. I was so proud and felt a real sense of achievement.
I sat up and cried with emotion. Prior to my attempt at weights one young lady had attempted far more of a load than I had and got upset. I thought she had hurt herself but one of my team's trainers explained she was upset as she hadn't achieved what she wanted.
That night there was a dinner at the sports centre at 8pm. Steve and I headed off to our accommodation to wash and brush up. I had a hot bath to ensure I didn't stiffen up.
I have not been able to move my left arm for well over two years due to various operations on my left side.
That night as I was dressing for dinner I attempted to raise it above my head by moving the arms forward first then up. It didn't hurt and I did it.
During dinner I told a member of Rotary what had happened to see the smile on my face he couldn't have been more pleased. I thanked the Rotarian organiser for all his hard work in arranging the event and when I told him about my arm he was thrilled to bits. It just goes to show in the right hands things can be achieved in controlled conditions.
Remembrance Sunday morning we got up and ready for the day's events. I had been dreading the slalom see previous blog posts. Due to the fact my left arm was capable of being used this was going to be easier than I had thought. I wasn't worried about making a fool of myself it was just a matter of giving it a go in a borrowed wheelchair with no practice prior to the day and do my very best.

Here I am taking part in Boccea at least that is what I think it is called it is like bowls. Our team lost by one point but we all enjoyed it.
I managed to complete the slalom course without too much difficulty but didn't get past the first round.
Our little team is pictured below. We had a fantastic weekend and one I will never ever forget.

As you can see both arms are raised for the first time for a very long time. I am thrilled to have gone out and given it my all.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Dear All,

I have just been caught out with this so please heed this warning. I am not sending any emails out from my account and won't be until after the weekend. If you receive an email from me in this time please delete it immediately.

The emails are along the lines of "I'm bored so I thought I would catch up with you and cheer you up."

It gives you a link to a supposedly secure website as part of MSN and asks for you to sign in again.

Do not sign in totally ignore this link.

If you have already been caught. Change your hotmail password immediately and run a virus scan.

Best of luck

Hope this is not too late for any of you.

I am embarrassed but I hadn't had contact from one of my friends for so long I thought it was genuine.

Best wishes


Last Minute Panic

I had thought as I hadn't heard anything that the "fun and games" were not happening. I then received a telephone call to let me know where to book accommodation.

With this event on the accommodation was soon snapped up especially with the deals that were being offered. I missed out due to the lateness.

Never mind I found accommodation for us at a reasonable price. So tonight it will be last minute packing to work out what to wear and hope that the stuff I need is clean.

I prefer to be organised than have last minute panics as this relieves stress and tension. Hey ho things are working out and I will manage.

At least we know we are guaranteed a good's night sleep. So you can guess from that where we are staying.

Sunday is going to be hilarious as I said in a previous post on this blog.

So this weekend is going to be interesting to say the least.

I am still busy campaigning as well as writing and doing sport so my life is busy and fulfilling.

Best wishes to everyone.


A Hat Trick

I found out from a comment on my blog from the lovely Simon Whaley that I had a letter printed in Writers News. Yesterday ABLE Magazine arrived and another letter was in there. Today I had a letter published in The Sun.

So there is my hat trick.

I have sent lots of stuff out and not all of it has been published, I know some are in the pipeline for the future so I will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Best wishes to everyone


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This is going to be comical

I recently discovered sports for disabled through a contact at a disability forum I attend.

Last Thursday we headed to Stafford I took my swimming stuff with me not knowing if I would need this or not. I soon discovered we would be outside on the athletics pitch. I had a go at throwing clubs from my wheelchair.

My wheelchair is an attendant wheelchair this means it has small wheels at the back and not the larger wheels which a user can self propel. The reason I do not have a self-propel wheelchair is due to the lack of use in my left arm. I have tried a self-propel wheelchair but each time I tried to manoevre myself I ended up going round in circles as my right arm has far more power than my useless left arm. I have only had the wheelchair since 2008 so I am still finding out information on sports, what is available for disabled people and how to overcome problems.

Well last night I travelled to Stafford again. I was determined to go out and do as much as possible. I hate being a couch potato and know I gain weight with lack of exercise.

Last night I threw clubs again and had a go at various other sports from the wheelchair. I was even shown how to discus. This got me extremely anxious as there is a swinging motion to it and due to the surgery down my left side I was worried about damaging the muscles or tissues which have been operated on over the last twenty years. I was also worried about the lymphoedema. I mentioned this to the person teaching me so they were aware of my worries. I gave it a go.

We worked at easy throws so that it wasn't too strenuous I know now that if I am cautious I can build up the speed and distance in time.

I had been informed that there is a competition in Coventry at the weekend and that I had been entered into the swimming part of the triathalon. This entails me swimming four lengths. This should not cause me a problem as I go swimming a lot and love it.

The next bit is where the comedy comes in. I have been entered into a wheelchair slalom this means turning at various points and manoevring around in a wheelchair under my own steam. I hope the video camera works as this will be absolutely hilarious with me attempting this.

Oh well at least I can have a laugh at having a go. It should all be lots of fun.

Best wishes to everyone whatever they are doing.