Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My First Writing Retreat

I have just returned from my first ever writers retreat. Despite feeling generally unwell the whole weekend it was great. I found such wonderful support throughout the whole weekend even when my coughing must have got on people's nerves.

I think I know finally understand the word "relax" thanks to Darren's antics amongst others. Bev with her lovely cherry wine it was so divine.

I didn't achieve what I set out to do but I got far more done than I expected considering how I really felt.

It was our last night all together, during the afternoon I decided to doodle with words and make some fun of the whole long weekend.

I was so unsure I showed it to Di for approval. She laughed and thought it was really wicked.

So I waited to hear the news of others before I finally completed it.

I read it out last night to those that it affected, I was so unsure in case I offended anyone not having done anything like it before in my life.

It caused some merriment all right.

So I let out a huge sigh of relief. Not only did I manage to complete my first ever writing retreat but didn't cause any offence.

Eunant http://www.eunant.co.uk/ is where we stayed. The weather was really wet with strong winds but we did manage to get some dry spells where people went out for walks hoping not to get caught in too heavy weather.

I do not have any photographs as I didn't feel up to that task.

It was a lovely weekend and Mike and Susan really did us proud in organising it all.

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  1. Hi Fee
    There will be loads of photos so don't worry. It really was great fun and so pleased you made it despite your awful cold. But where is your poem? you must put it on, it was lovely and funny and gave a great account of what we were up to.
    Love Di