Saturday, 24 April 2010

Why I love Writing

You never know what is around the corner. Well I certainly didn't this year has been a roller coaster in more ways than one but my writing is surprising me in many ways.

I had forgotten I had sent some helpful advice to someone via Your Cat magazine, little did I realise they would also print these tips in Cat Chat. I had no idea until yesterday that this had been accepted and won something. I hadn't got past the first page of the magazine when it had arrived so hadn't even spotted the little paragraph printed with my name by it.

Then Take a Break have printed something in this week's edition so every week and month is producing little surprises of things I have sent off and forgotten about.

Bureaucracy is still causing me problems but heyho the ups and downs of life. The car knows its own way to the hospital and Wednesday

With various appointments coming up thick and fast and some wondering when the next lot are going to arrive through the post my life is full of awe and wonder.

I am still following the advice that Simon Whaley gave about treating my writing like a relationship. In my life I have six different relationships. My wonderful husband, my cat, my writing, sport, friends and hospital. Trying to fit time in for everything is a juggling act but I know I can't neglect any of my relationships. Each relationship has its own importance on my life and the impact the decisions I make will have various consequences on the way things will turn out.

Life is strange but so is my writing. Looking back on what I achieved last year and what I am achieving without even thinking I must do this that or the other is amazing.

That is why I love my writing life so much.

Best wishes to everyone


Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Oh dear where has the time gone it is well over a month since I lasted visited my blogs.

What have I been doing?

As ever life is always full of ups and downs and I seem to be on a merry go round.

First of all my most important achievement I managed to get letter of the Week in The News of The World on the 21st March 2010. This should reveal a cheque for £75. So for those that doubt letter writing is useful or can earn you anything this will prove you wrong, give it a go and see what you can achieve.

I have had my usual ups and downs of hospital appointments and this has resulted in some news which I didn't want to hear but I will have to tolerate just the same. I am now going to go into hospital for yet another operation on the 25th June this time it is going to be on my left hip which involves and arthroscopy and biopsy. If successful this will mean a left hip replacement later this year.

On a more positive note before the operation on the 25th June I hope to undertake a sponspored swim of a mile to raise money for the swimming club I help out at and at the same time raise money for the costs of the first stage of becoming a swimming coach.

I have a friend who I attend swimming with on Sunday evenings and he has agreed to support me with this venture by undertaking it with me.

When I went swimming on Sunday evening I managed to achieve 50 lengths in under an hour. A mile is 80 lengths and with what I managed to achieve on Sunday this is certainly possible and gives time for a break in between the sessions.

So I am well on the way to achieving my dreams.

Best wishes to everyone.