Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Oh dear where has the time gone it is well over a month since I lasted visited my blogs.

What have I been doing?

As ever life is always full of ups and downs and I seem to be on a merry go round.

First of all my most important achievement I managed to get letter of the Week in The News of The World on the 21st March 2010. This should reveal a cheque for £75. So for those that doubt letter writing is useful or can earn you anything this will prove you wrong, give it a go and see what you can achieve.

I have had my usual ups and downs of hospital appointments and this has resulted in some news which I didn't want to hear but I will have to tolerate just the same. I am now going to go into hospital for yet another operation on the 25th June this time it is going to be on my left hip which involves and arthroscopy and biopsy. If successful this will mean a left hip replacement later this year.

On a more positive note before the operation on the 25th June I hope to undertake a sponspored swim of a mile to raise money for the swimming club I help out at and at the same time raise money for the costs of the first stage of becoming a swimming coach.

I have a friend who I attend swimming with on Sunday evenings and he has agreed to support me with this venture by undertaking it with me.

When I went swimming on Sunday evening I managed to achieve 50 lengths in under an hour. A mile is 80 lengths and with what I managed to achieve on Sunday this is certainly possible and gives time for a break in between the sessions.

So I am well on the way to achieving my dreams.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. I'm delighted to see you're blogging again. I wondered how you were. I'm glad your swimming is proving successful. How do you keep count of the lengths? My mind wanders and I find myself wondering, "Is this number twelve, or was that the last time I swam this way?"

    Mike XX

  2. Hi Fee, nice to see you back again. 50 lengths is incredible, well done
    Love Di

  3. I count while using the clocks at each of the pool. That way I know my times too.

    I love swimming and having someone to undertake a huge challenge with me without any persuassion is a huge boost.