Saturday, 30 January 2010

Easy Knit Patterns

Anyone looking for free knitting patterns for babies then look no further than this link.

I have knitted the above blanket several times with or without the lace border. It is easy and cheap to make.

I make them for friends and even raffled some off at the raffle we held at our wedding evening reception.

So for those stuck indoors wanting some inspiration of what to do I thought I would post this.

Best wishes to you all.


No Wonder I dread doing this!

I learned a lot last night at the Poolside Helpers Course. I certainly had my eyes opened to a lot of things.

When I was young we were taught swimming at school. One of the methods was a huge metal hoop on a long handle. I expect some of you may remember seeing these at a swimming pool you may have used over the years.

The use of these was for the swimmer to hold onto or be put in the middle of the hoop as they swam around the swimming pool. After a while the teacher would remove it. If the person learning to swim didn't realise it had gone it was fine. However, if the person swimming in the pool did realise they panicked and went under water.

The best way to teach anyone no matter what age to swim is to get them used to the swimming pool area first. Remember there are a lot of strange noises and smells for them to become accustomed to. Once they start to relax then gently coax them into the pool. Once this is achieved and they are in the shallow end get them to bob up and down. If they are unsure of this hold their hands and do it with them.

To get them adjusted to the water and not to scare them ask them to put blow bubbles in the water (DO NOT tell them to put their face under water as this will worry them). By making it fun the fear goes.

I still dislike my face going underwater as when I was taught to put my head underwater I was told to hold my nose. This made me fear the water going up my nose and I still have this fear today. I overcome this with a nose clip. If I had been taught the blowing bubble method perhaps I would not be so afraid.

Playing in the water is the best way to start swimming as once happy playing in the water every step of swimming can be fun.

Once a person is happy blowing bubbles in the water the next step is get them to wave at you while standing up. Then gradually get them to do this going under the water. This again takes the fear away and the person being taught is not holding their nose.

Now I understand my fear of going underwater more I will try and make my swimming much more fun and play at it. Instead of making it a task.

So much for the theory of chucking a person in at the deep end. This may put off a person swimming for life. After all swimming is a life skill. I am so glad I have learnt to swim and I hope that my journey from now on will encourage others to take part in a sport everyone no matter what age or disability can enjoy.

Best wishes


Friday, 29 January 2010

Are you Looking to Change Your Life?

Yes I am. I am looking to be healthier, happier and motivated to achieve my goals.

What am I doing to achieve these? I had a visit from Health Trainers this week, they do home visits or you can attend a centre if you wish. It is a free service run by the NHS. They weighed me. Good news since the beginning of January I have lost half a stone. However, I still have a high BMI of 30, this should be lower. What can I do to change things?

First of all make sure I get three meals a day. I am not very good at this. I started well today. I had a poached egg on brown toast for breakfast. I had a baked potato and salad for lunch. I had half what I normally have for tea rather than a whole tin to myself I had half a tin. I have eaten fruit and drunk some fruit juice.

One warning I have received is don't count 5 portions of fruit as your five a day as they are full of sugar too. So I am doing well when I wrote my daily behaviour sheets today. No snacks at all in between meals. The ladies who visited me also checked how much alcohol intake I have per week and if I smoked. Good news, I don't drink much alcohol so that is not a worry. I have never smoked so that is ok. It is just diet and exercise we need to concentrate on.

What do I need to change I need to do vigorous exercise? I know I do disability sports and swimming but this is not enough to get me out of breath after ten minutes. What I will do is four very fast lengths when I first go into the pool and then take it more slowly and swim lengths the rest of the time.

So I am being positve, trying to achieve my goals, aims and dreams.

The Health Trainers Scheme is not a short quick fix. It is a slow realistic plan. They also recommend various gym courses and exercise programmes to suit the client.

Good luck if any of you have plans for the New Year. Go for your goals and achieve them.

Best wishes


I Have Done It

I have now completed the first step of my journey to become a swimming coach.

This means I will receive a certificate in about six weeks time.

The next step has been taken I have ordered the text books I require to embark on the next level of training.

This will involve actually getting in the pool and have demonstrations. I can't wait to find out when the next course is and get stuck in. In the meantime I now await the textbooks.

I have made some new friends and the course has certainly opened my eyes to hazards around the pool and in it.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sharing an Experience

I met up with a friend who has had similar surgery to myself.

We are both over the first year of the operation and hurdles have had to be overcome in many ways.

My friend is going to tackle a hurdle I myself have already crossed. It is to go swimming for the first time since the operation.

In January 2008 I bought a specialist swimming costume. However, in June 2008 I finally plucked up courage to take the plunge.

I fully understand the feelings my friend is coping with. No one can force her to swim, she has to decide herself.

Once the decision is made as to when she wants to go swimming, she knows she can count on me to go with her and help her through such a traumatic time.

The first thing to be done will be to decide whether to borrow a specialist swimming costume or purchase one. Then I will telephone the chosen venue to make arrangements to make the transition easier.

After the swimming session, I know a few days later m friend will look at her swim wear, bikinis etc and decide what she wants to keep and what she can't wear. When I did this I sobbed.

My wonderful husband supported me through this trauma. He asked me if he could do it for me. The answer was a resounding NO as it was something I just had to do for myself.

I have told her I am there for her, no matter what her needs, whether it be a visit, a telephone call, or some support in any way I can.

One thing I discovered is, it is hard to cope with these things on your own but once someone hear that others have been through it, thoughts of "if they can do it so can I" come into one's head.

I wish I hadn't had to learn these things on my own but I have and did.

Now to be able to offer the support I never had to someone who really needs it is a wonderful feeling.

Also knowing who to contact to get the support needed and finding this information is the most difficult thing. I just wish there was a one stop shop for this but at present there isn't.

That is why I am doing the training course I have embarked on so that others in the same boat as me can cope better knowing there are others out there who care and realise what they are feeling. Other courses will follow I hope so that I can achieve my goals.

It is doing something positive that is keeping me going right now.

Best wishes to you all.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Star Signs

I know some of you will think I have gone off my trolley. Perhaps I have but something in someone else's blog got me thinking about star signs. This particular person is a gemini.

With my mother being this star sign - meaning twins and myself being part of the only set of twins in our family it is something that intrigues me.

I therefore looked up both my star sign and that of my mother, which also happens to be the same as my husband (Gemini). My father is also the same star sign as me.

On looking both star signs up. Gemini are like minded souls with Libra. Yet Libra has a perfect partner in Gemini. (strange that life doesn't always work out according to stars, but there was an explanation further down the page of the website I found Gemini's are overtaken by curiousity. (more like grass is greener on the other side scenario). This does not apply to my current life I am pleased to say.

Sometimes I feel like a cat with many lives. I count the past as one life and this present relationship/marriage as my second life. Neither of which have been boring. Challenging definitely but life is full of challenges which I face head on.

There are times when I feel I could run away from all my problems but I expect we all feel like that at times.

This is the link I got the information about both star signs from -take a peek and see what you find out about yourselves if you wish.

I warn you not everything applies to all as in "ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL".

When I read out the information to my husband about his star sign he agreed with some things and not others.

It certainly made us smile and gave us a giggle.

Nothing like trying to analyse yourselves and trying to work out how others view you. It certainly opened my eyes.

Best wishes


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Art or Writing

I met an artist in Church Stretton today. It was a chance meeting.

For the first time in ages I joined my husband in a drink at a public house before visiting my mother in law. We do this occasionally as a treat. I had a small sherry and sat down to enjoy the moment. As I sat down the lady at the table next to us got up and went to the bar, placed an order while the gentleman with her shouted a comment to her. Apparently she hadn't heard what he had said to her about what he wanted. He then made a comment about women multi-tasking. I was intrigued by what he said and banter started up between us.

He said that he was considering enforced early retirement. I then told him I was already in that position and didn't like not doing anything during the day so had turned my hand to helping others and doing charity work.

He then commented that "you haven't sorted out your own life yet". No truer word said in jest. I know I haven't sorted out my own life yet, but that is what life is a journey and if it was sorted out it wouldn't be such a challenge.

It was then I asked him what he did for a job. He told me he is an artist. I told him I am writing. He then informed me I had the hardest job of the two. I looked puzzled. Explanation followed. Once a picture is in a frame everyone can see it and judge it. Writing:- Everyone has to read it before they can accept what has been written. If a book cover doesn't attract a reader the book may not get read. If a picture is admired it gets purchased.

I thought about this long and hard. In some ways he is right. Surely this is the job of the publisher to ensure what someone has written will sell to a particular market.

Am I disheartened? Not at all. I am more determined than ever to improve on my writing skills to ensure that whatever I write people will want to read.

So watch this space.

Best wishes


A Spring in my step

I have had another letter published in the national press today.

I have also been swimming tonight and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the pool. Last night I went to the same pool and it was really quiet. Tonight however, was packed and it was a fight to get a space to do lengths.

With about half an hour to the end of the session the pool quietened down again and finally there was more space to swim.

Last night's swimming session had been spoilt for me. Even though the pool was being used by so few people a couple decided to take over one side of the pool for themselves. Each time I did a length both of them got in my way and I had to move around them. Then when I set off again they kicked water in my face, yet prior to this they had been standing the shallow end chatting. Some people have no consideration for others.

To avoid further upset I moved to another side of the pool and practised swimming on my back with Steve letting me know each time I was reaching either side of the pool.

I can float really well on my back but my arms need a lot of work. I have therefore purchased some aqua weights for my arms while I swim. Once my arms are built up in strength I can then use these for my legs and keep my leg movement as much as possible.

Today I have felt so much better, the lighter evenings, the sun shining seems to have made me mellow. This week, we plan to empty all the kitchen cupboards (one at a time) sort and clean stuff out. I am hoping that old stuff will get binned and what is suitable kept clean and tidy. I know what this is called Spring Cleaning.

After the kitchen cupboards, the drawers will be next and then the fridge.

Hopefully these plans will work, but we all know what can happen to plans. Something else can come along and take precedence.

Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the Spring.


Friday, 22 January 2010

Trying Something New

I have just got home after 4 hours at my local swimming pool. No, I haven't been swimming for this length of time. In fact I haven't even been in the water.

What have I been doing then? I have started one part of a two part course to become a pool side helper.

I have learnt a lot tonight, like how to signal front crawl by putting my hands out in front of me and waggling them palm side up. To demonstrate back stroke the hands are palm side down. Strange concept, no not really when you realise this is the way the feet are in position when doing these strokes. Mystery solved.

Not only that we all went pool side to see what hazards and risks there are when children are in the pool and around it. There were a lot.

This really opened my eyes and I am so glad I have started this course.

I have learnt a lot so far and can't wait for next week now the nerves have gone. Just hope I can pass the examination next week.

Best wishes


Thursday, 21 January 2010

I am Back

Well what have I been doing for the last few days.

On Monday we went to Kent for a funeral. When we set off the side roads were clear of ice but when we got to the main roads to our surprise and horror there was a sheet of ice. Luckily my husband kept the car under control despite the fact we ended up on the wrong side of the road, luckily no other cars were coming our way.

We had at this point thought of it got much worse of turning round and heading home.

On reaching the M54 it was really congested with traffic and we on that road for nearly an hour then we went on to the M6 again really busy. While being stuck in a queue we put the radio on to listen to traffic news.

It was then we decided to change our route.

So we headed for the M1 and then the Dartford Tunnel Crossing. This turned out to be a good decision.

We got to the crematorium in plenty of time thank goodness. I hate being late for anything and get anxious about this.

At the wake Steve told his cousins that I ensure we leave in plenty of time to be on time for things. His cousins agreed with my sentiments entirely and I felt at ease as this was the first time I had met them.

We then left at about 4pm and got home at 8.30pm.

Tuesday I was exhausted and knowing I had a looming hospital appointment this was at the back of my mind.

Tuesday night I managed to get to Stafford for the disability sports I participate in.

Considering I haven't done any of these for well over four weeks I had a good start to the year.

Yesterday I went to hospital for what I thought was going to be a straight forward check up and obtain two new asthma inhalers (I was diagnosed with this in November 2008) and thought that would be the appointment.

Well the consultant listened to my cough, told me the TB tests were clear and that apparently I do not have asthma. He could do nothing else for me apart from refer me to an ENT consultant as he now thinks I have a blockage at the back of my nose and throat and this is causing me to cough.

On claiming back the car parking charges after the appointment the clerk at the desk heard me coughing and said "that sounds nasty". I explained that was why I had attended the hospital and that I had had it for so long. She asked if it hurt my sides with coughing. I explained it does. In November 2008 when I was first examined by my own GP I was at home in bed, my back had locked with the coughing and my chest really hurt.

Now to find out that what I thought was a condition I could cope with the uncertainty is now sinking in.

I will visit my own GP next week as I know it takes a couple of days for letters to reach him from the hospital. So would prefer him to have the full picture before I see him.

So I have to wait for the ENT referral which the consultant advised could be four months from now.

So the waiting game is now on. My wonderful husband is concerned as to what could be causing this cough. I am trying not to worry too much and put on a brave face with it all as one of my other friends has said no point worrying until I have to.

In the meantime I am getting on with my life as best as I can. I will be off to Stafford again tonight and I am determined to keep up the good start I made on Tuesday.

As for writing The New Writer arrived today. I am hoping the negativity in my life will disappear and that I will find inspiration to keep going.

So today is going to be spent reading that magazine and my other books that I use.

So fingers crossed now this year is going to improve and I will feel better with myself and my writing.

I just have to take the plunge and try new things.

Best wishes to you and above all else good luck with writing ventures.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Taking the Plunge

Well I know I said I wasn't going to blog much over the next couple of days so I am making up for it now.

Tonight I plucked up the courage and went swimming for the first time this year. Having had a break for over three weeks, I was a bit apprehensive.

My darling husband telephoned the leisure centre we use to ensure that the swimming session was still on. Relief it was. So having packed the swimming bag and put it in the car, my husband came back in to fetch me.

We arrived in plenty of time at the leisure centre but things did not start well. In his hurry to pack my wonderful husband had forgotten we needed our flexcards. I was left in the reception area while he drove back to fetch them.

Once he returned we went through to the changing area and I was so excited.

Havig had such a long time away from the pool, I thought I would only manage four lengths. At this point a friend from the pool from last year spoke to me and got me through the pain barrier. He had returned to the pool last week for the first time for a couple of weeks and discovered the same pain barrier himself.

I have no idea how many lengths I completed but I was so thrilled to be back in the pool and had a steady start.

I feel invigorated and am looking forward to disability sports on Tuesday and Thursday. I also have something else to keep me busy this week and next and will tell you more about that in a future post.

Looking out for writing opportunities has also helped me help others. Cats was a topic of conversation tonight and being a passion of mine I wanted to help my friend with his cats.

I am determined to keep as fit as I can this year even if I don't manage to lose weight.

So I have now made a good start, by starting slowly but surely.

Later on this year I hope to be back to the standard of swimming I was in November last year and can't wait to see what time I can do on the swimming side.

No matter what I do, I will do my best but above all else I will enjoy all the challenges ahead.

Best wishes


Learning in Blogland

Well you can imagine my shock this morning when I discovered a very inappropriate comment had been left on a post in my blog. It was in a foreign language and had some English in it too.

In case this happens to anyone else or they wish to delete the comment. Go to the end of the comment and look for the dustbin icon. Click on this and this gives you the opportunity to delete any such comments.

I am not going to be visiting my blog over the next couple of days and will therefore be putting comment moderation on to prevent anyone being offended in my absence.

I am sorry this has happened so please be patient with me.

It is all a learning experience and one I could have done without at this present moment in time.

Please appreciate the situation I am in and accept my apologies for the delay in accepting comments.

I hope everyone understands the circumstances I find myself in.

Best wishes to you all.


Saturday, 16 January 2010


With the snow recently the writing meeting today was cancelled.

When I eventually woke up this morning (nearly 10 am) I was a bit down.

This soon turned into I am going to get up no matter what and see what today brings.

Expecting someone to give us a quote for the shower room at 11 am today. Yes it has been a long time ago since the Welsh Dresser arrived and the tiles were stripped off the wall to let it dry out. Things never move very quickly in this house. I get the ideas and spout them and eventually they get acted on.

The door bell rang at 10.30 am. I thought the builder was keen. No it was the postman with two parcels for me.

As you can see from the picture Di had inspired me but so had Writing Magazine with an advert for The Oldie and as I had not been feeling too happy recently treated myself to a subscription of the said magazine with offer of the annual (free) for taking out said subscription.

On opening the annual I discovered this ".............. I hope that readers of this book may feel inspired to try their hand at writing something. I can promise that it will be careful consideration and - if you're lucky - may actually appear in print."

So there you have it. Inspiration to write.

Not only did The Oldie arrive but so did Fast Fiction. This will be read in depth before I try anything.

I know I can write letters, but can I really write short stories? I will see where this leads. I did submit one last year to a competition but even I can see it wasn't good enough against those that got placed.

I will have to improve.

If I don't try I will never know.

I can imagine Sue standing in the workshop the clock saying ten to twelve and saying you have five minutes to do this now get on with itotherwise we won't finish on time. Three, two, one go. Simon would be there with his stop watch timing us all.

I wonder how many of us have books that really inspire us to write. Mine is Jane Wenham Jones "Wannabe a Writer".
Without her tips I would not have had the courage to write so many letters to the national press.

I am lucky to have found such a wonderful supportive group and even though we haven't met up today I am really looking forward to the next meeting.
I hope this post has inspired someone to find some inspiration from somewhere to do some writing, send it off and who knows what we will be reading in the future.
Last night chatting to a young friend of mine, we were talking about Enid Blyton. Now there is someone whose writing was popular and I think still is with all generations as I loved the Noddy annuals, Malory Towers, St Clares, The Famous Five and the mystery books she wrote.
When my husband saw the conversation he hadn't heard of St Clares. I showed him a link to the series and explained what it had been about and why I had loved it.
Who knows I may even get to read the stories again this time with the view of a writer rather than a reader. Now what do I mean by that? I mean how did Enid get the images together so that the reader could gather images in their head to realise the story and get the full impact of it. How does the writer get the reader to relate to the characters?
If this isn't inspiration to write and read I don't know what is.
Anyway I will love and leave you for now while I go bury my head in the annual (to have a good a laugh) and to see if I could write anything for that magazine. Also will try my hand at the fast fiction exercises once I understand what I am meant to be doing.
Best wishes to you all.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


We went out shopping again today. The plan was to go to Shrewsbury visit various charity shops to obtain a suit for me to wear to a funeral on Monday.

Apart from the side roads in Telford the main roads and pavements in Shrewsbury were clear. There was a bit of congestion due to the gas exlosion on the 3rd January and the affected buildings being cordoned off for safety reasons.

After visiting most of the charity shops in Shrewsbury and finding nothing suitable my wonderful husband took me to the mainstream shops.

Still I found nothing suitable in Shrewsbury but he found a new pair of spectacles (desperately needed due to his current pair being held together with clear tape). Unlike me my other half can purchase spectacles to suit his prescription at a very reasonable price.

We then ventured into Spencers Mall Car Park in Telford. This was quiet for once with only a couple of vehicles parked there. My husband purchased car parking ticket and off we set. Having used my walking poles in Shrewsbury due to many charity shops not having wheelchair access my back and legs were hurting, so we decided to use the "pram" as my wheelchair is affectionately known.

Setting off forwards to start with was ok but we soon hit the ruts. Having been asked by Mike how I cope with the wheelchair in the snow this prompted this post on my blog.

It was easier for my husband to pull me backwards than push forwards along the ruts. Many people passing by smiled at our determination to get to where we wanted to go.

Once on tarmac again the pram was turned around and I was facing foward with my husband pushing me from behind. Felt normal again.

We ventured into a couple of shops. The second one I ventured into I finally found what I had been looking for. Worried about trying it on, my ever patient husband found the fitting rooms and insisted I try the outfit on. To my surprise and delight this store had fitting rooms large enough to accommodate both wheelchair and carer. This made the worry of trying on the suit disappear and I felt quite confident.

There was even a chair/stool suitable for me to sit on so that I could feel at ease trying the clothes on. Having got into the suit and sat down in it, (something I didn't do when I was being fitted for my wedding dress) I knew I was going to feel comfortable all day in the outfit.

I changed back and set off from the changing rooms thanking the staff for their assistance and commented on the facilities there are now available for disabled people.

That was it a shopping trip that was worthwhile and easy for once.

We then had something to eat. After coming out of the restaurant I heard the tail end of a tanoy message informing people to get their car parking tickets validated as Telford Town Shopping Centre will be closed at 4.30 pm.

It was 4.25 pm and we were discussing whether to go grocery shopping or not. There was nothing very urgent we needed so we decided to head for the car and home.

Going to the car proved problematical as new snow had fallen and this had started to freeze. This meant my husband had to turn me round and pull me back to the car as it made the going easier.

That is how we manage in the snow with the wheelchair.

Best wishes to everyone and please take care.


Monday, 11 January 2010

Disappointment but I understand why

Well I have just checked my emails and discovered one I didn't want to read.

The writing group meeting is cancelled this Saturday. I fully understand it is due to the weather and we don't want anyone else getting hurt on the ice and snow.

I had no idea I really look forward to the writers meetings as they encourage me to keep going, try new things and hear what others are up to.

I had even managed to do the Chairman's Challenge and this was a challenge for me, having rewritten the thing a dozen times. Yes I had honestly.

Steve has read what I have done and was impressed with it but to be honest I think he is biased.

Oh well Saturday will be spent doing something else now not sure what. Feel at a loss as I do so look forward to the writing group.

Thanks for letting me know Simon.

Best wishes and please everyone take care out there.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Light

I went to my mother-in-law's today. Unlike some people's perceptions my mother-in-law is absolutely wonderful.

We were later leaving than normal and ended up watching "Songs of Praise". In this episode they were compariing worship and poetry.

The reverand on this programme had been the keyboard player to The Communards. Strange how one path leads to another.

I was wondering why poetry was mentioned in this programme then it dawned on me that some of the hymns are poems.

It really opened my eyes. What has been written in hymns could also be painted as a picture and the feelings we feel from dark clouds rumbling over our heads.

It just goes to show life is full of art in various forms. Whether it be words painting a picture, tapestries being created, cross stitch of favourite things, everything tells a story.

I wonder where my thoughts will lead and will I ever be able to write a good short story.

My mother-in-law asked how my writing was going. I told her I have been lucky with my letters but lack of confidence is stopping me going any further with articles for national publication or sending short stories out.

It is this lack of confidence I need to get over but knowing I can be successful with letters is something that keeps me going and attempting new things.

Who knows what this year will bring? I have no idea, I know where I will be some days this year as my diary/calendar tells me.

I will face these challenges as best I can.

I am looking forward to attending disability sports in Stafford again in a couple of weeks time.

I am looking foward to the writing meetings this year. Last year I had no idea I could write poetry and thanks to Mike I attempted this.

So a year full of challenges which I am looking forward to.

No matter how tough something seems to be I know I will do my best to overcome the obstacles in my way.

Best wishes


Saturday, 9 January 2010

A strange day with some inspiration

This morning my wonderful husband fetched me the post.

This contained two magazines one called ABLE and the other Your Cat.
ABLE magazine is a publication aimed at disabled people but with positive attitudes and focus on what disabled people can do rather than what they can't.

Your Cat is full of ideas of inspiration to motivate my cat, but also motivates me in my writing.

This afternoon we braved the cold and went shopping for provisions in case the gas supply does run out. This involved purchasing a halogen heater. Argos had sold out so don't bother looking there.

The shopping experience did make me nervous as I have a fear of being knocked when venturing out in my wheelchair. I did have a couple of panic attacks but perserved.

While queing in a disabled checkout lane and waiting for able bodied people to be served I got chatting to another wheelchair user. Her idea is anyone who can't be bothered looking where they are going and are likely to hurt someone in a wheelchair is "go get them first". I asked her what she meant and she said "if they don't look where they are going they don't see you coming you can do the damage first before they do it to you; that way they think twice before bashing into you".

This made me smile but made me think is this the right way to solve the problem?

We then ventured back to the car after two hours Yes I did say TWO HOURS of shopping (which is an achievement for me). It had been a successful shopping spree and I was happy.

After unloading the car we went to see some friends. It was here I heard some thought provoking things and it made me realise how lucky I am compared to others.

This will inspire me to write and do more to help others so I am still motivated despite everything that has happened in the last few weeks.

This time last week I was in hospital having a doctor argue with me over the reinserting of a venflon. Tonight I am in the warm, at home with my cat and my wonderful husband.

I am coping with my health condition as well as I can. My plans for this year may already have gone awry but I know I can cope, no matter what life throws at me.

I am counting my blessings tonight and the thing I am most thankful for is the fact that I can write.

Best wishes


Friday, 8 January 2010

A Wonderful Evening

I have just got back from Wolverhampton.

The support group I attend had arranged a visit to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre to see "Cinderella" with the Krankies and Stefan Dennis along with other stars.

I was enthralled but each time the fairy godmother came on, I could picture our own Di Perry as this wonderful positive character. It was so uncanny that at one point I really thought it was Di.

As for the pantomime, Steve bought a programme and during the interval I browsed through it to see who the cast were. One was listed as playing himself. I knew we hadn't seen him in the first half and thought there must have been some mistake or perhaps he would eventually appear.

I was pinching myself when he did eventually appear, he said a few words "Oh Yes" several times and nodded his head and that basically was it. I wonder if anyone can guess who I am referring to from the television adverts.

The Krankies as ever were amazing I don't know when Mrs Krankie gets her energy from.

Their act was so up to date it was completely amazing. There jokes ran into each other all night, no sooner was I laughing from one then the next would appear in quick succession.

There is a gate crasher at the ball wearing black leathers, long hair and the take off of this character was absolutely hilarious.

I was shocked when another well known singer was imitated, but after a while I thought she wouldn't mind what Mrs Krankie had done. I felt quite comfortable with it after a few minutes.

It is strange when you look at humour, sometimes, some things will offend others won't. On the whole they got the balance right and the show kept its motivation.

It has been a great evening and I am looking forward to the pantomime season later this year/early next especially if the Krankies are going to be in it.

I am glad to be home now in the warm but it was worth venturing out in the cold to Wolverhampton tonight to see this performance.

Best wishes to everyone and stay warm, keep well and please don't fall over.


Monday, 4 January 2010

The Funny Side

This is the funny side of hospital life and hope gives everyone a laugh (I hope Mike doesn't laugh too hard).

Patient gets assessed by doctor has venflon inserted in arm and gets sent up to a ward have been assessed for admission.

Once admitted on the ward gets settled down and told to get some sleep while waiting for doctor to arrive.

30 minutes later doctor arrives and assesses patient. Patient's drip bag has run out and needs replacing but doctor hasassess patient's needs.

Doctor looks at patient "You need to sleep, you look exhausted".

Patient settles down to sleep.

5 minutes later nurse comes in to carry out observations.

Nurse then settles patient down to sleep.

Five minutes later replacement drip bag arrives. Patient still desperate to sleep.

30 minutes later breakfast trolley arrives. Patient get's disturbed just as they are dropping off to sleep. "Are you able to eat or are you nil by mouth?"

Patient is completely unsure as to what doctor's requirements are. Breakfast staff go and enquire. Inform patient it is their choice if they eat or not.

Patient too tired to care. Just wants to sleep.

Patient left in peace for a bit.

Drink trolley arrives. Patient asked if they want a drink. patient accepts drink and settles down to sleep.

half an hour later cleaner arrives to clean room.

Patient then gets left to sleep.

A short while later it is a ward round patient gets woken up by doctors to check them over.

All patient wants to do is sleep. Doctors want patient to sleep.

Doctors leave room and say to the patient "You look exhausted get some sleep".

Now you know why patients don't sleep in hospital.

Hope this made someone smile.

Cheered Up

It is strange how a person can perk up just by a magazine arriving through the door.

Writing Magazine arrived together with Writers News in their plastic cover. In my excitement to open said issue, my fingers shaking with excitement I managed to obtain a paper cut on my right hand finger OUCH.

I had forgotten what I had submitted to this publication and to my wonderful surprise both letters had been published one in Writing Magazine and the other in Writers News.

I have also read with interest Simon Whaley's article about three very talented members of Wrekin Writers as to how they make time to write.

I only do letters as I know I am good at these and send them off regularly to various newspapers but every little helps boost my confidence.

Still not feeling great but at least my writing has some little output to start the New Year off slowly.

I look like a panda, sat here in my pjs and dressing gown but at least I have sent a couple of letters out and am getting better slowly.

With the magazine arriving today I will most probably find some wonderful inspiration from somewhere to submit something small once again.

Looking forward to my next writing group meeting I hope I can make it as I have finally completed the Chairman's Challenge still hoping to get placed one day (perhaps this will be my year = fingers crossed)



Sunday, 3 January 2010

Life is Strange

I haven't blogged for a short while now. This is explained by a wonderful family Christmas spent at my sister-in-laws and then a spell in hospital which started at home on the 1st January at about 5.30 pm when I felt unwell this went on for a few hours until 1.10 am when I finally collapsed in a heap on the bathroom floor nearly taking the toilet with me. Any excuse to get a new bathroom suite.

This resulted in a bump on the head and an extremely bruised left wrist (paramedics thought I may have broken it) so off I went to hospital.

While in hospital my blood pressure dropped considerably, I was dehydrated and feeling pretty lousy.

Last night on my 3rd bag of fluids my right arm tissued up, this resulted in it being nearly three times the normal size, the tape holding the drip tube against my arm was extremely tight and left a deep mark. My fingers were swollen, slightly blue and numb. This resulted in said drip being removed.

Three hours later a doctor appeared with another venflon to be inserted until he realised he could not insert said needle into left arm due to previous surgery on left side of my body. He checked when I had had said surgery and realised I was correct in informing him no needles could be inserted or blood be taken from that arm.

Phew got away without yet more faffing about with needles and managed to keep my fluid intake up.

Asked this morning when I would be going home. Was informed no chance until Monday morning.

How come, I am blogging now? Well a gas explosion took place in Shrewsbury today and they were clearing the decks ready to take non emergency patients from Shrewsbury so that anyone needing urgent treatment in Shrewsbury would receive it.

This willing volunteer gave up her bed with no problems what so ever. Discharge papers will be sent to GP via post and I am now at home recovering.

All the above scenario due to a severe bout of ulcerative collitis so another hospital check up in two weeks.

One happy little soul happy to be back at home.

Couldn't fault the hospital staff for the way they looked after me, even saw some old friendly faces on the staff. That's what happens when you get to be a regular patient on and off the wards.

Going to rest now and get used to being home feels like I have been away for a week.

Missed Missi like mad.

Best wishes to you all and have a wonderful New Year.

Love Fee