Wednesday, 13 January 2010


We went out shopping again today. The plan was to go to Shrewsbury visit various charity shops to obtain a suit for me to wear to a funeral on Monday.

Apart from the side roads in Telford the main roads and pavements in Shrewsbury were clear. There was a bit of congestion due to the gas exlosion on the 3rd January and the affected buildings being cordoned off for safety reasons.

After visiting most of the charity shops in Shrewsbury and finding nothing suitable my wonderful husband took me to the mainstream shops.

Still I found nothing suitable in Shrewsbury but he found a new pair of spectacles (desperately needed due to his current pair being held together with clear tape). Unlike me my other half can purchase spectacles to suit his prescription at a very reasonable price.

We then ventured into Spencers Mall Car Park in Telford. This was quiet for once with only a couple of vehicles parked there. My husband purchased car parking ticket and off we set. Having used my walking poles in Shrewsbury due to many charity shops not having wheelchair access my back and legs were hurting, so we decided to use the "pram" as my wheelchair is affectionately known.

Setting off forwards to start with was ok but we soon hit the ruts. Having been asked by Mike how I cope with the wheelchair in the snow this prompted this post on my blog.

It was easier for my husband to pull me backwards than push forwards along the ruts. Many people passing by smiled at our determination to get to where we wanted to go.

Once on tarmac again the pram was turned around and I was facing foward with my husband pushing me from behind. Felt normal again.

We ventured into a couple of shops. The second one I ventured into I finally found what I had been looking for. Worried about trying it on, my ever patient husband found the fitting rooms and insisted I try the outfit on. To my surprise and delight this store had fitting rooms large enough to accommodate both wheelchair and carer. This made the worry of trying on the suit disappear and I felt quite confident.

There was even a chair/stool suitable for me to sit on so that I could feel at ease trying the clothes on. Having got into the suit and sat down in it, (something I didn't do when I was being fitted for my wedding dress) I knew I was going to feel comfortable all day in the outfit.

I changed back and set off from the changing rooms thanking the staff for their assistance and commented on the facilities there are now available for disabled people.

That was it a shopping trip that was worthwhile and easy for once.

We then had something to eat. After coming out of the restaurant I heard the tail end of a tanoy message informing people to get their car parking tickets validated as Telford Town Shopping Centre will be closed at 4.30 pm.

It was 4.25 pm and we were discussing whether to go grocery shopping or not. There was nothing very urgent we needed so we decided to head for the car and home.

Going to the car proved problematical as new snow had fallen and this had started to freeze. This meant my husband had to turn me round and pull me back to the car as it made the going easier.

That is how we manage in the snow with the wheelchair.

Best wishes to everyone and please take care.


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  1. Hi Fee,
    I can well imagine that the added problems caused by the snow can be rather aggravating. Still, you and your husband sorted it out and you had a good day. Thanks a great result.
    The gas explosion that you mentioned; made the news over in Vancouver.
    Take very good care, Fee.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)