Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Light

I went to my mother-in-law's today. Unlike some people's perceptions my mother-in-law is absolutely wonderful.

We were later leaving than normal and ended up watching "Songs of Praise". In this episode they were compariing worship and poetry.

The reverand on this programme had been the keyboard player to The Communards. Strange how one path leads to another.

I was wondering why poetry was mentioned in this programme then it dawned on me that some of the hymns are poems.

It really opened my eyes. What has been written in hymns could also be painted as a picture and the feelings we feel from dark clouds rumbling over our heads.

It just goes to show life is full of art in various forms. Whether it be words painting a picture, tapestries being created, cross stitch of favourite things, everything tells a story.

I wonder where my thoughts will lead and will I ever be able to write a good short story.

My mother-in-law asked how my writing was going. I told her I have been lucky with my letters but lack of confidence is stopping me going any further with articles for national publication or sending short stories out.

It is this lack of confidence I need to get over but knowing I can be successful with letters is something that keeps me going and attempting new things.

Who knows what this year will bring? I have no idea, I know where I will be some days this year as my diary/calendar tells me.

I will face these challenges as best I can.

I am looking forward to attending disability sports in Stafford again in a couple of weeks time.

I am looking foward to the writing meetings this year. Last year I had no idea I could write poetry and thanks to Mike I attempted this.

So a year full of challenges which I am looking forward to.

No matter how tough something seems to be I know I will do my best to overcome the obstacles in my way.

Best wishes



  1. I'm sure you will overcome all obstacles Fee, given your courage and determination. Hugs...xx

  2. Fee, keep at it. Seeing how determined you are was one the things that gave me a kick up the bum to keep at it.
    It was an interesting comment about hymns being poetry. My house was occupied by a poet about 100+ years ago. His name was Thomas Ragg and he was also the vicar here in Lawley.
    I found this out quite by chance when I was trying to find out the history of the house, and,astonishingly, I found some of his poetry on the internet.
    I bought a book of his work which is just lovely. Very religious. As you'd expect.