Sunday, 3 January 2010

Life is Strange

I haven't blogged for a short while now. This is explained by a wonderful family Christmas spent at my sister-in-laws and then a spell in hospital which started at home on the 1st January at about 5.30 pm when I felt unwell this went on for a few hours until 1.10 am when I finally collapsed in a heap on the bathroom floor nearly taking the toilet with me. Any excuse to get a new bathroom suite.

This resulted in a bump on the head and an extremely bruised left wrist (paramedics thought I may have broken it) so off I went to hospital.

While in hospital my blood pressure dropped considerably, I was dehydrated and feeling pretty lousy.

Last night on my 3rd bag of fluids my right arm tissued up, this resulted in it being nearly three times the normal size, the tape holding the drip tube against my arm was extremely tight and left a deep mark. My fingers were swollen, slightly blue and numb. This resulted in said drip being removed.

Three hours later a doctor appeared with another venflon to be inserted until he realised he could not insert said needle into left arm due to previous surgery on left side of my body. He checked when I had had said surgery and realised I was correct in informing him no needles could be inserted or blood be taken from that arm.

Phew got away without yet more faffing about with needles and managed to keep my fluid intake up.

Asked this morning when I would be going home. Was informed no chance until Monday morning.

How come, I am blogging now? Well a gas explosion took place in Shrewsbury today and they were clearing the decks ready to take non emergency patients from Shrewsbury so that anyone needing urgent treatment in Shrewsbury would receive it.

This willing volunteer gave up her bed with no problems what so ever. Discharge papers will be sent to GP via post and I am now at home recovering.

All the above scenario due to a severe bout of ulcerative collitis so another hospital check up in two weeks.

One happy little soul happy to be back at home.

Couldn't fault the hospital staff for the way they looked after me, even saw some old friendly faces on the staff. That's what happens when you get to be a regular patient on and off the wards.

Going to rest now and get used to being home feels like I have been away for a week.

Missed Missi like mad.

Best wishes to you all and have a wonderful New Year.

Love Fee


  1. Yes, have a great New Year and stop giving us frights! Though I did love the comment about the toilet....:0)

  2. So glad to hear you are recovering. That must have been pretty frightening.

  3. It all sounds awful Fee, hope you recover soon and are well enough to come to the WW meeting this month

  4. It's an ill wind, I suppose. I hope you're more comfortable and well at home. I remember, years ago, being woken, with a number of others, after minor surgery and then immediately zapped again because someone had had complications and they couldn't do with us waking up and demanding to know 'Where am I?' while they sorted it out.