Monday, 4 January 2010

The Funny Side

This is the funny side of hospital life and hope gives everyone a laugh (I hope Mike doesn't laugh too hard).

Patient gets assessed by doctor has venflon inserted in arm and gets sent up to a ward have been assessed for admission.

Once admitted on the ward gets settled down and told to get some sleep while waiting for doctor to arrive.

30 minutes later doctor arrives and assesses patient. Patient's drip bag has run out and needs replacing but doctor hasassess patient's needs.

Doctor looks at patient "You need to sleep, you look exhausted".

Patient settles down to sleep.

5 minutes later nurse comes in to carry out observations.

Nurse then settles patient down to sleep.

Five minutes later replacement drip bag arrives. Patient still desperate to sleep.

30 minutes later breakfast trolley arrives. Patient get's disturbed just as they are dropping off to sleep. "Are you able to eat or are you nil by mouth?"

Patient is completely unsure as to what doctor's requirements are. Breakfast staff go and enquire. Inform patient it is their choice if they eat or not.

Patient too tired to care. Just wants to sleep.

Patient left in peace for a bit.

Drink trolley arrives. Patient asked if they want a drink. patient accepts drink and settles down to sleep.

half an hour later cleaner arrives to clean room.

Patient then gets left to sleep.

A short while later it is a ward round patient gets woken up by doctors to check them over.

All patient wants to do is sleep. Doctors want patient to sleep.

Doctors leave room and say to the patient "You look exhausted get some sleep".

Now you know why patients don't sleep in hospital.

Hope this made someone smile.


  1. Hi Fee,
    This made me smile:-) As someone who spent 5 weeks in a hospital, trying to get some I ever relate to this..
    All the very best to you, Fee. May this New Year, this new decade, be a most positive time for you and your loved ones.
    With respect, Gary.

  2. I noted when I was hospitalized after the birth of my children that as soon as I fell into a restful sleep the nurse would waken me to ask if I needed something to help me sleep. Whaat??

  3. Same experience here. I remember back in the 80s when life on the ward was ordered and we, as patients, were ordered to sleep for an hour before afternoon visiting. The doors got locked, the lights went off and heaven help you if you tried whispering to someone in the next bed.

  4. Lovey, really enjoyed your post...hugs...:0)

  5. You'll just have to learn to sleep standing up, then you can hide in the corridor!


  6. Glad I was able to make people smile.

    Best wishes