Sunday, 17 January 2010

Taking the Plunge

Well I know I said I wasn't going to blog much over the next couple of days so I am making up for it now.

Tonight I plucked up the courage and went swimming for the first time this year. Having had a break for over three weeks, I was a bit apprehensive.

My darling husband telephoned the leisure centre we use to ensure that the swimming session was still on. Relief it was. So having packed the swimming bag and put it in the car, my husband came back in to fetch me.

We arrived in plenty of time at the leisure centre but things did not start well. In his hurry to pack my wonderful husband had forgotten we needed our flexcards. I was left in the reception area while he drove back to fetch them.

Once he returned we went through to the changing area and I was so excited.

Havig had such a long time away from the pool, I thought I would only manage four lengths. At this point a friend from the pool from last year spoke to me and got me through the pain barrier. He had returned to the pool last week for the first time for a couple of weeks and discovered the same pain barrier himself.

I have no idea how many lengths I completed but I was so thrilled to be back in the pool and had a steady start.

I feel invigorated and am looking forward to disability sports on Tuesday and Thursday. I also have something else to keep me busy this week and next and will tell you more about that in a future post.

Looking out for writing opportunities has also helped me help others. Cats was a topic of conversation tonight and being a passion of mine I wanted to help my friend with his cats.

I am determined to keep as fit as I can this year even if I don't manage to lose weight.

So I have now made a good start, by starting slowly but surely.

Later on this year I hope to be back to the standard of swimming I was in November last year and can't wait to see what time I can do on the swimming side.

No matter what I do, I will do my best but above all else I will enjoy all the challenges ahead.

Best wishes


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  1. I was thrilled to read your post. Keep going with those challenges, Fee. Looking forward to your next post. Carole.