Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Spring in my step

I have had another letter published in the national press today.

I have also been swimming tonight and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the pool. Last night I went to the same pool and it was really quiet. Tonight however, was packed and it was a fight to get a space to do lengths.

With about half an hour to the end of the session the pool quietened down again and finally there was more space to swim.

Last night's swimming session had been spoilt for me. Even though the pool was being used by so few people a couple decided to take over one side of the pool for themselves. Each time I did a length both of them got in my way and I had to move around them. Then when I set off again they kicked water in my face, yet prior to this they had been standing the shallow end chatting. Some people have no consideration for others.

To avoid further upset I moved to another side of the pool and practised swimming on my back with Steve letting me know each time I was reaching either side of the pool.

I can float really well on my back but my arms need a lot of work. I have therefore purchased some aqua weights for my arms while I swim. Once my arms are built up in strength I can then use these for my legs and keep my leg movement as much as possible.

Today I have felt so much better, the lighter evenings, the sun shining seems to have made me mellow. This week, we plan to empty all the kitchen cupboards (one at a time) sort and clean stuff out. I am hoping that old stuff will get binned and what is suitable kept clean and tidy. I know what this is called Spring Cleaning.

After the kitchen cupboards, the drawers will be next and then the fridge.

Hopefully these plans will work, but we all know what can happen to plans. Something else can come along and take precedence.

Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the Spring.


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  1. Yes, I'm desperate for the better weather to arrive, Fee, having been shut in on this hill for a month! Been out today, a minor miracle.

    You didn't say if you would consider posting on my team blog and becoming a member? I do hope you will, and if you send me your email address privately, I can send you an invite, blogger needs an email address to do this

    My email address if you should decide to join in, is

    Hugs...Carole x