Saturday, 9 January 2010

A strange day with some inspiration

This morning my wonderful husband fetched me the post.

This contained two magazines one called ABLE and the other Your Cat.
ABLE magazine is a publication aimed at disabled people but with positive attitudes and focus on what disabled people can do rather than what they can't.

Your Cat is full of ideas of inspiration to motivate my cat, but also motivates me in my writing.

This afternoon we braved the cold and went shopping for provisions in case the gas supply does run out. This involved purchasing a halogen heater. Argos had sold out so don't bother looking there.

The shopping experience did make me nervous as I have a fear of being knocked when venturing out in my wheelchair. I did have a couple of panic attacks but perserved.

While queing in a disabled checkout lane and waiting for able bodied people to be served I got chatting to another wheelchair user. Her idea is anyone who can't be bothered looking where they are going and are likely to hurt someone in a wheelchair is "go get them first". I asked her what she meant and she said "if they don't look where they are going they don't see you coming you can do the damage first before they do it to you; that way they think twice before bashing into you".

This made me smile but made me think is this the right way to solve the problem?

We then ventured back to the car after two hours Yes I did say TWO HOURS of shopping (which is an achievement for me). It had been a successful shopping spree and I was happy.

After unloading the car we went to see some friends. It was here I heard some thought provoking things and it made me realise how lucky I am compared to others.

This will inspire me to write and do more to help others so I am still motivated despite everything that has happened in the last few weeks.

This time last week I was in hospital having a doctor argue with me over the reinserting of a venflon. Tonight I am in the warm, at home with my cat and my wonderful husband.

I am coping with my health condition as well as I can. My plans for this year may already have gone awry but I know I can cope, no matter what life throws at me.

I am counting my blessings tonight and the thing I am most thankful for is the fact that I can write.

Best wishes



  1. I love your positive outlook and, of course, wish you all the best.

    The other person in a wheel chair is misguided. All of man kind should be patient and considerate to one another. Unfortunately we cannot control what others do, but we can control how we react.

    God bless and good luck

  2. Hi Fee,

    Now that Julie has 'done it' would you like to contribute to my blog from time to time. Your posts should be about YOU not me, and you would have to pop over to my blog to see if you have any replies, but I shall let you know anyway. I'm trying to sort out a way so that any comments come to you, not me, but haven't worked it out yet..anyway, shall send you the invite, but need to put your email address in the invite in order for it to reach you. Perhaps you could email your address to me at if you'd like to join in. Hoping to see you there, hugs and love, Carole x

  3. After a trip to Sainsbury's yesterday I wonder how you cope on the snow with your wheelchair.
    Those trollies that clip on the front of the wheelchair look good - like having a 'crumple zone', there's something for folk to crash into without reaching you.
    We see 'Think Bike' signs on the roads; perhaps there should be 'Think Wheelchair' signs in shopping malls.

    Mike XX

  4. Hi Judy,

    I agree with you, in that I try and treat others how I would like to be treated myself.

    Hi Carole,

    Thanks for your support I will email you soon.

    Dear Mike,

    What a wonderful idea, who knows what will happen in the future there are so many issues of using a wheelchair when going shopping. First is trying to find a parking space suitable for me to use and get the wheelchair down the side of when the disabled car parking is full.

    Then there is the issue of the electric travelators which a wheelchair cannot be used on so the lift is the only option. If this is out of order then you can imagine what life is like then (white faced Fee as escorted down travelator).

    Then there is the issue of being bumped into with or without the trolley at the front of the wheelchair. Both of which have happened to me.

    Best wishes to you all.