Friday, 8 January 2010

A Wonderful Evening

I have just got back from Wolverhampton.

The support group I attend had arranged a visit to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre to see "Cinderella" with the Krankies and Stefan Dennis along with other stars.

I was enthralled but each time the fairy godmother came on, I could picture our own Di Perry as this wonderful positive character. It was so uncanny that at one point I really thought it was Di.

As for the pantomime, Steve bought a programme and during the interval I browsed through it to see who the cast were. One was listed as playing himself. I knew we hadn't seen him in the first half and thought there must have been some mistake or perhaps he would eventually appear.

I was pinching myself when he did eventually appear, he said a few words "Oh Yes" several times and nodded his head and that basically was it. I wonder if anyone can guess who I am referring to from the television adverts.

The Krankies as ever were amazing I don't know when Mrs Krankie gets her energy from.

Their act was so up to date it was completely amazing. There jokes ran into each other all night, no sooner was I laughing from one then the next would appear in quick succession.

There is a gate crasher at the ball wearing black leathers, long hair and the take off of this character was absolutely hilarious.

I was shocked when another well known singer was imitated, but after a while I thought she wouldn't mind what Mrs Krankie had done. I felt quite comfortable with it after a few minutes.

It is strange when you look at humour, sometimes, some things will offend others won't. On the whole they got the balance right and the show kept its motivation.

It has been a great evening and I am looking forward to the pantomime season later this year/early next especially if the Krankies are going to be in it.

I am glad to be home now in the warm but it was worth venturing out in the cold to Wolverhampton tonight to see this performance.

Best wishes to everyone and stay warm, keep well and please don't fall over.



  1. Hi Fee,
    A delightful read. Oh yes it was:-)
    You stay well wrapped and please be careful out there.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  2. Oh where has my wand gone? Fee, it sounds magical. I saw the Krankies in Aladin years ago and loved every minute of it, especially when they threw mini mars bars out to the audience. What a lovely thing to do to start the new year, so glad you enjoyed it.

  3. We all neeed an evening at the pantomime, Fee. So glad you ventured out. Hugs....x