Monday, 11 January 2010

Disappointment but I understand why

Well I have just checked my emails and discovered one I didn't want to read.

The writing group meeting is cancelled this Saturday. I fully understand it is due to the weather and we don't want anyone else getting hurt on the ice and snow.

I had no idea I really look forward to the writers meetings as they encourage me to keep going, try new things and hear what others are up to.

I had even managed to do the Chairman's Challenge and this was a challenge for me, having rewritten the thing a dozen times. Yes I had honestly.

Steve has read what I have done and was impressed with it but to be honest I think he is biased.

Oh well Saturday will be spent doing something else now not sure what. Feel at a loss as I do so look forward to the writing group.

Thanks for letting me know Simon.

Best wishes and please everyone take care out there.



  1. I'm sorry to hear that Fee. With us all stuck indoors, it would be great to get outside, especially to something you so enjoy. My husband has found the four weeks shut up on our hill so frustrating, and although his walks with a stick, he went out into the garden. The first thing I knew about it was when snowballs started bouncing off the study window!! Keep safe, much love, Carole.

  2. I know Fee, It's a shame as I look forward to the meetings too but I must admit I am relieved as having terrible problems. Today was my fourth day that I could not get into my normal office. I shall use Saturday to recharge my batteries and look forward to seeing you and everyone at the Feb meeting.
    Take care