Sunday, 26 July 2009


Having decided on getting a cat I am surprised how much this has motivated me in my writing. I have started a blog called "Paws for Thought". I have written a short story and some poetry about cats.

So having a pet is certainly good for me.

Last night it was like having a young child in the house she whimpered in her sleep and I talked to her softly to calm her down.

She woke up this morning happy. She knows she has the run of the house and can roam wherever she wants to except outside. Not too sure how I am going to be when she is able to leave the house.

At present she likes guarding the stairs as this gives her a view of every possible line of attack from the front door, the living room, the tiny kitchen and shower room. It also means she lies in wait and is ready to claw anyone wishing to step over her she only does this in play so the claws don't really hurt she saves them for her pink catnip mouse and the scratching post.

I am so glad we chose to get a pet. Good company, amusement, and loads of writing inspiration.

Best wishes to everyone.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A strange Day

I was feeling really upbeat today. I wasn't worried about my hospital appointment which was this afternoon.

We received two phone calls each containing good news. One was from the Trisha Show informing us the repeat would be on 5th August at 10.45 am.

The other was to inform us we had passed our home assessment to obtain our new pet.

Then we set off to the hospital. We found a disabled car parking space fairly easily this time. I was informed they had me down as a DNA (Did not attend) on the 15th July but as some of you know this was not true as my previous post is proof of that. So that got changed on the computer.

I had to wait 30 minutes to be seen in the clinic and then it was a barrage of questions followed by the doctor arranging various tests for me. These include sputum tests and a bronchoscopy.

I also found out that I have a gynae appointment on the 14th August I have been waiting for this since the 27th February.

So a few appointments in one go but I am not worried.

I am really positive and can't wait to get our new pet.

Best wishes to everyone.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Positivity Pays Off

Knowing I had to go to hospital today to get the results of my ultrasound scan last Monday I had been worried. I decided to be positive and it worked.

We arrived at the hospital at 1.30 the appointment wasn't until 2.20pm. Trying to find a disabled parking space was extremely difficult and after 15 minutes we found one. Next we enter the automatic doors and saw a long queue for the appointments desk this took a while to negotiate and it was 2.10 pm by the time we got through that and headed off to the main waiting area where we were called by a lady wearing a purple tabbard working for the WRVS.

On arriving at the clinic area there was hardly any room for another wheelchair so we parked ourselves at the back of the waiting area out of harms way.

After a while we went to see if the space had cleared at the front of the clinic for the wheelchair to be parked. There was a space and we headed for it. It was then we discovered the waiting time 0-60 minutes by this time it was 3.10 pm. After waiting over 90 minutes we were eventually called in to see the consultant.

I don't know which is worse the worrying or the waiting around.

The lumps are in fact cysts and I have to go back again in June next year for a mammogram. So positivity does work.

This means I can look forward to the rest of the year and not worry about the other hospital appointments that loom.

So I am determined to achieve my goals in life.

Best wishes to everyone.


Monday, 13 July 2009

Swings and Roundabouts

This morning and I know its only it the early stages had provided me with some good news, some not so good news but some construcvtive criticism.

Well first of all I have had two letters accepted for a magazine for the September/October edition.

I had sent an idea for an article to the same magazine and received their guidelines I was also informed that my writing style is fine. So despite the fact the article won't get published yet I will work hard on it and get somewhere I am sure. If not it is back to the drawing board to work on other ideas.

So I am happy. I now know I can write poetry that other people appreciate. I can write letters which get published locally and in the national press. Now it is just a matter of getting an article published other than on the internet.

My final goal is to get my book published so will wait and see what happens with my writing life.

I am so lucky I have found such wonderful support from Wrekin Writers and am glad I joined them.

Best wishes


Saturday, 11 July 2009

SHOPPING and why I hate it

I decided to pluck up the courage and go shopping with my husband this morning. Little did I know what was in store for me (scuse the pun).

We decided to work our ways up the aisles in order so that we would not miss anything off the list in our heads. So much for that idea. Each time we tried to go in a straight line there were trolleys left in the middle of the aisles unattended or worse large pallets of goods again left unattended in the middle of the aisles with everyone else trying to get around these obstacles.

When we go shopping we attach a trolley to the wheelchair so that I can hold on to this and it makes shopping easier rather than balancing a basket on my lap - well it normally is.

Today being a Saturday was horrendous. The number of people who hit me with their baskets as they wandered around the shop was incredible. I am now black and blue and scratched. Some realised what they had done and apologised others just carried on barging their way through the various aisles without a word.

Having got through the ordeal we went to the disabled checkout. It is the only aisle that is wide enough to take a wheelchair. There were a lot ofable bodied people who were using this in front of us so we just patiently queued. Finally we got through the checkout where the lady on the till was really helpful and aksed if I was ok. I said I would be glad to get home after the ordeal of being knocked by customers. She looked horrified when she heard how rude some people are. She enquired as we left the checkout if I was ok and to make sure I took it easy when we got home. We then headed off to the lottery counter before departing the shop.

This was nearly the last straw for me. There was a gentleman being served by a man behind the counter and the lady behind the counter called us forward as we moved forward the gentleman rushed back against the trolley causing it to tip up and whip my neck and arm back and forward in a very short space of time. I was completely shocked by this impact. The staff were shocked too. We then bought our lottery tickets and headed out to the car with the rest of the shopping.

I was just grateful the ordeal was over. Some people just don't look out for wheelchairs or their occupants and this really creates problems as the ones I have encountered today. The answer is don't go shopping on a Saturday during busy hours. Stay at home and shop online or go shopping in the early hours if at all possible. People like me should not feel intimated about shopping or be forced to go at quieter times but this is life today.

Most people when they go shopping are blinkered and just charge ahead for what they want to purchase not giving others a second thought.

So I am now looking foward to a quiet Saturday afternoon and evening in at home with my other half.

Best wishes to everyone.


Friday, 10 July 2009

The Joys of Planning

I am due to visit a hotel in Birmingham so decided to enquire what parking facilities they had for disabled clients. "The hotel does not have its own car park but there is an NCP car park nearby". I also noticed the hotel offered valet car parking so I enquired what this entailed £25 fee for a person to park your car and pay the £14 24 hour car parking charge in the NCP car park. £11 for someone to park your car!!!

Luckily for me my appointment is no longer than an hour and Steve has said he will drop me off and pick me up after it.

So I am glad I looked into the pros and cons of where the hotel was situated and what car parking facilities there were.

It just pays to plan ahead and work out a journey on whether something is worthwhile or not. As you can see planning is the secret to success. This applies to writing too.

Best wishes


Some Progress

I have had a few things accepted recently. Another couple of poems for PoetryStreet. One poem for Mypoetry4U a charity website which I found through PoetryStreet. So this shows the power of the internet at its best helping others.

I received my first copy of ABLE Magazine today and in it was a letter I had submitted. So how come I submitted something without reading a copy of the magazine you ask? Well its like a certain member of the writing group I attend is always saying "Get your work out there". So I did just that without much research except from finding the magazine on the internet to see what audience they targeted and that was it.

So the small progress I am making is looking like a long list for the end of the year as every piece of work submitted by email or sent out by post is another small success. It is even more of a success if it gets published.

I just wish I didn't worry so much.

Best wishes and good luck to everyone on a writing journey.

Congratulations to Chris Owens on winning a competition.

Take care of yourselves


Monday, 6 July 2009

Sailing Saturday Continued

As you can see as sailing finished for us the sun came out. We were lucky we were able to sit out in the sun at the Marina restaurant enjoying a lovely lunch together. I love sailing as you have no time to think apart from what is going around you (more likely making sure your head does not hit the boom and ducking and diving as and when necessary).
The time on the water was over far too quickly but the brief respite has certainly helped us both.
Best wishes to everyone

Sailing Saturday

It had started out as a drizzly day. Steve and I do not possess proper sailing gear but the organisers had kindly lent us their waterproofs. It was too hot to put the trousers on so jackets were the order of the day.
Lifejackets were also provided.
As you can see I was taking in the surrounding area of Hamble. I love the Solent.

Lack of Sleep etc

I couldn't sleep so last night due to worry about today and the next few weeks with a round of hospital appointments which have come round again.

I therefore got up and unwrapped my first ever possessed moleskin book. I took great pleasure in removing the wrapping. I then read the words inside and this made me smile "In the case of loss please return to ........... As a reward $ -------"

So I wrote what had been going around in my head and then yes I finally sniffed it. I liked the smell and having just picked it up again it is like the aroma when a jar of coffee is opened for the first time and the foil removed from the top.

I had a lovely day out on the Solent on Saturday. Steve and I were able to relax despite what was looming this week.

I am home having had an ultrasound of my remaining breast today. It looks like I have benign cysts yet again appearing in my body. So I just have to cope until I get the results on the 15th July. I hate the waiting game but Steve was with me and held my hand while I waited for the radiographer to attend to me. It is the waiting around lying all prepared with my head on the pillow and a scant piece of tissue paper covering my modesty. Then the gel was put over me and the scan was over very quickly.

I am glad I was honest with the staff as they have checked my lymph nodes ont he right hand side as I had felt a small lump in my armpit last night. It could be due to the fact I still have this horrid cough or perhaps I am coming down with a cold.

I had bought a lucky sixpence for a friend who is getting married in November and had sent it off before I went away. When I checked the answerphone yesterday there was a lovely message from her thanking me. I know how much effort goes into preparing for being a bride and what others did to help me so I passed on this information to her last night. She like me has been worried what to do with her hair so I have passed some of things on that I used in the hope that she can make her mind up or use them if she needs to.

The most important piece of advice I gave her was to ensure she took sips of water before setting off for the church. This will help when she comes to say her vows as her mouth will not dry up.

The other piece of advice I gave was to put stockings in the fridge the morning of the wedding and to take them out when she was ready to put them on. This will prevent them falling down.

I am so tired and wish I did not worry so much when hospital appointments loom. I suppose it is only natural.

I am doing ok and coping as best I can.

I think the car knows it own way to the hospital car park by now.

I have not lost my sense of humour

Best wishes to everyone


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Fed Up Fee

This post will make some of you smile or even laugh out loud.

Well with this heat we put the fan on the other night in our living room. It is one of these large fans that hangs from the ceiling with a light underneath it like they have in some hotels. Luckily my husband was here when the fan was put on as within a few seconds of the thing spinning the glass light bulb cover flew off as the fan whirred round. The reason it was lucky my husband was here was due to the fact he was able to catch the thing before it smashed. So it is now out of harms way and will not be returning to its rightful position until the heat has died down.

Why am I so fed up?

Salesmen more particularly car sales people. We were looking at ways of getting me back behind the wheel, bearing in mind I have not driven for over 18 months with various things happening to me medically. So we had explored the motability scheme as I qualify for this.

We have our own automatic car there are two problems with this. One it is rather large for when we go down south to visit family and trying to find a long enough parking space when on either side of the road from my brother-in-law's house is full of cars parked. Some of these are train travellers who can not be bothered to pay car parking at the station and hence try and find free parking.

The other problem with the automatic car is that I am unable to drive it without having it adapted with hand controls.

So we were trying to find a solution to this problem.

I also have a wheelchair which needs to fit in the boot of the car. Unfortunately some of the cars on the motability scheme in which the wheelchair fits require approximately £5000 advance payment. This is well out of our league.

We therefore contacted the scheme to see if we could get help with adapting our automatic car. They can't help private car owners with adaptions. Yet if I was to be accepted on the scheme they would adapt the automatic car of my choice free of charge.

So it is back to the drawing board which means I never go driving again and end up being ferried around by my husband or stuck indoors when he is out. So much for trying to lead an independent life.

I am so fed up with it all I have decided to give up my motoring days.


Thank You Drayton Writers

Dear Drayton Writers and Mary Williams (as she organised it all)

Thank you for a lovely afternoon last Sunday. Despite my nerves I really enjoyed the "Open Mike" event.

The time went so quickly but everything was kept to the programme as much as possible with Mary keeping an eye on time and prompting people if they ran over.

I was really made to feel welcome and was so glad I didn't chicken out which I nearly did on the day of the event.

When speaking to another lady she had also nearly chickened out on the Saturday but we were both extremely grateful we had gone.

The cold refreshments were just what were needed on that hot sultry afternoon and our grateful thanks go to Mr W who went and fetched the beers.

It was a wonderful event and it was lovely to meet other writers.

So thank you very much Drayton Writers.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Thank Goodness for Fans

Last night I didn't sleep very well I think it was the heat. Many people I met today said they hadn't slept well either.

One person lives in a caravan so each time he ventures out all the windows are fastened up and the caravan is secured On returning I could imagine the heat as when I got in our car today it was extremely hot and I was grateful when I wound the window down to get some air.

In our living room we have a large fan attached to the main light. This is now whirring around and giving a gentle breeze. If it wasn't for this I don't think I could stand the heat.

I expect ice cream makers and ice lolly sellers are making some money right now. I am avoiding ice cream even the dairy free stuff as I have gained a lot of weight recently. Just by going swimming twice this week I have lost some weight as I ploughed through my summer suitcase to see what I could wear if anything. I had tried a skirt on a while ago and couldn't even get it over my hips. That was when I started referring to myself as fat and headed off to the swimming pool. When I put this skirt on today I could get it over my hips and nearly do the zip up.

So I have had a good day today with a salad for tea of various things including, waldorf salad, carrot and nut salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, radishes and some meat. I had boiled some potatoes to go with it but 1) there was no more room on the plate and 2) I couldn't have eaten them even if I had wanted to as I was full half way through my plateful. The other half is now covered up to munch on again later.

Fresh Strawberries and raspberries were going to be dessert but those have not been prepared either so that will be tomorrow's treat.

It looks like it may be a cooler night tonight with the black clouds looming overhead.

So another positive day for me.

Best wishes to everyone.