Friday, 10 July 2009

The Joys of Planning

I am due to visit a hotel in Birmingham so decided to enquire what parking facilities they had for disabled clients. "The hotel does not have its own car park but there is an NCP car park nearby". I also noticed the hotel offered valet car parking so I enquired what this entailed £25 fee for a person to park your car and pay the £14 24 hour car parking charge in the NCP car park. £11 for someone to park your car!!!

Luckily for me my appointment is no longer than an hour and Steve has said he will drop me off and pick me up after it.

So I am glad I looked into the pros and cons of where the hotel was situated and what car parking facilities there were.

It just pays to plan ahead and work out a journey on whether something is worthwhile or not. As you can see planning is the secret to success. This applies to writing too.

Best wishes



  1. It's a balance I think. Too much planning is restrictive. None at all is asking for trouble.

  2. I'm a great 'planner' and drive my family mad but the number of times it saved time in the end means it's worth the trouble in my opinion. And it saved you £11, Fee!

  3. In fact it has save me £25 in total. So planning in some ways is a good thing. I hate being late for anything so knowing where I am going in the first place is an advantage. I panic if I am not sure of new places so prefer to find things out in advance.

    I drive my other half nuts with making sure things are done well in advance as it helps keep my stress levels down.

    Each to their own.