Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thank You Drayton Writers

Dear Drayton Writers and Mary Williams (as she organised it all)

Thank you for a lovely afternoon last Sunday. Despite my nerves I really enjoyed the "Open Mike" event.

The time went so quickly but everything was kept to the programme as much as possible with Mary keeping an eye on time and prompting people if they ran over.

I was really made to feel welcome and was so glad I didn't chicken out which I nearly did on the day of the event.

When speaking to another lady she had also nearly chickened out on the Saturday but we were both extremely grateful we had gone.

The cold refreshments were just what were needed on that hot sultry afternoon and our grateful thanks go to Mr W who went and fetched the beers.

It was a wonderful event and it was lovely to meet other writers.

So thank you very much Drayton Writers.

Best wishes


1 comment:

  1. Well done, Fee!! Another hurdle behind you and very successfully completed!

    Hugs, Carole.