Monday, 6 July 2009

Lack of Sleep etc

I couldn't sleep so last night due to worry about today and the next few weeks with a round of hospital appointments which have come round again.

I therefore got up and unwrapped my first ever possessed moleskin book. I took great pleasure in removing the wrapping. I then read the words inside and this made me smile "In the case of loss please return to ........... As a reward $ -------"

So I wrote what had been going around in my head and then yes I finally sniffed it. I liked the smell and having just picked it up again it is like the aroma when a jar of coffee is opened for the first time and the foil removed from the top.

I had a lovely day out on the Solent on Saturday. Steve and I were able to relax despite what was looming this week.

I am home having had an ultrasound of my remaining breast today. It looks like I have benign cysts yet again appearing in my body. So I just have to cope until I get the results on the 15th July. I hate the waiting game but Steve was with me and held my hand while I waited for the radiographer to attend to me. It is the waiting around lying all prepared with my head on the pillow and a scant piece of tissue paper covering my modesty. Then the gel was put over me and the scan was over very quickly.

I am glad I was honest with the staff as they have checked my lymph nodes ont he right hand side as I had felt a small lump in my armpit last night. It could be due to the fact I still have this horrid cough or perhaps I am coming down with a cold.

I had bought a lucky sixpence for a friend who is getting married in November and had sent it off before I went away. When I checked the answerphone yesterday there was a lovely message from her thanking me. I know how much effort goes into preparing for being a bride and what others did to help me so I passed on this information to her last night. She like me has been worried what to do with her hair so I have passed some of things on that I used in the hope that she can make her mind up or use them if she needs to.

The most important piece of advice I gave her was to ensure she took sips of water before setting off for the church. This will help when she comes to say her vows as her mouth will not dry up.

The other piece of advice I gave was to put stockings in the fridge the morning of the wedding and to take them out when she was ready to put them on. This will prevent them falling down.

I am so tired and wish I did not worry so much when hospital appointments loom. I suppose it is only natural.

I am doing ok and coping as best I can.

I think the car knows it own way to the hospital car park by now.

I have not lost my sense of humour

Best wishes to everyone


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  1. It's okay sniffing your Moleskine, but don;t let it go any further than that! (except for writing in it, of course!)