Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Positivity Pays Off

Knowing I had to go to hospital today to get the results of my ultrasound scan last Monday I had been worried. I decided to be positive and it worked.

We arrived at the hospital at 1.30 the appointment wasn't until 2.20pm. Trying to find a disabled parking space was extremely difficult and after 15 minutes we found one. Next we enter the automatic doors and saw a long queue for the appointments desk this took a while to negotiate and it was 2.10 pm by the time we got through that and headed off to the main waiting area where we were called by a lady wearing a purple tabbard working for the WRVS.

On arriving at the clinic area there was hardly any room for another wheelchair so we parked ourselves at the back of the waiting area out of harms way.

After a while we went to see if the space had cleared at the front of the clinic for the wheelchair to be parked. There was a space and we headed for it. It was then we discovered the waiting time 0-60 minutes by this time it was 3.10 pm. After waiting over 90 minutes we were eventually called in to see the consultant.

I don't know which is worse the worrying or the waiting around.

The lumps are in fact cysts and I have to go back again in June next year for a mammogram. So positivity does work.

This means I can look forward to the rest of the year and not worry about the other hospital appointments that loom.

So I am determined to achieve my goals in life.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. Bless you. Wonderful news, lots of good wishes coming your way that you achieve your hopes and dreams. Jo x

  2. Brilliant news Fee! It was worth the wait.

  3. I am so happy for you! Hugs and love, Carole xxx