Sunday, 26 July 2009


Having decided on getting a cat I am surprised how much this has motivated me in my writing. I have started a blog called "Paws for Thought". I have written a short story and some poetry about cats.

So having a pet is certainly good for me.

Last night it was like having a young child in the house she whimpered in her sleep and I talked to her softly to calm her down.

She woke up this morning happy. She knows she has the run of the house and can roam wherever she wants to except outside. Not too sure how I am going to be when she is able to leave the house.

At present she likes guarding the stairs as this gives her a view of every possible line of attack from the front door, the living room, the tiny kitchen and shower room. It also means she lies in wait and is ready to claw anyone wishing to step over her she only does this in play so the claws don't really hurt she saves them for her pink catnip mouse and the scratching post.

I am so glad we chose to get a pet. Good company, amusement, and loads of writing inspiration.

Best wishes to everyone.


  1. I'm glad she's settling in so well.


  2. Its the motivation she gives me that I can't believe.

    Thanks for your support Suzanne

    Best wishes to you


  3. Going for an audition? You are amazing! Hugs, Carole xx