Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Thank Goodness for Fans

Last night I didn't sleep very well I think it was the heat. Many people I met today said they hadn't slept well either.

One person lives in a caravan so each time he ventures out all the windows are fastened up and the caravan is secured On returning I could imagine the heat as when I got in our car today it was extremely hot and I was grateful when I wound the window down to get some air.

In our living room we have a large fan attached to the main light. This is now whirring around and giving a gentle breeze. If it wasn't for this I don't think I could stand the heat.

I expect ice cream makers and ice lolly sellers are making some money right now. I am avoiding ice cream even the dairy free stuff as I have gained a lot of weight recently. Just by going swimming twice this week I have lost some weight as I ploughed through my summer suitcase to see what I could wear if anything. I had tried a skirt on a while ago and couldn't even get it over my hips. That was when I started referring to myself as fat and headed off to the swimming pool. When I put this skirt on today I could get it over my hips and nearly do the zip up.

So I have had a good day today with a salad for tea of various things including, waldorf salad, carrot and nut salad, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, radishes and some meat. I had boiled some potatoes to go with it but 1) there was no more room on the plate and 2) I couldn't have eaten them even if I had wanted to as I was full half way through my plateful. The other half is now covered up to munch on again later.

Fresh Strawberries and raspberries were going to be dessert but those have not been prepared either so that will be tomorrow's treat.

It looks like it may be a cooler night tonight with the black clouds looming overhead.

So another positive day for me.

Best wishes to everyone.


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