Thursday, 2 July 2009

Fed Up Fee

This post will make some of you smile or even laugh out loud.

Well with this heat we put the fan on the other night in our living room. It is one of these large fans that hangs from the ceiling with a light underneath it like they have in some hotels. Luckily my husband was here when the fan was put on as within a few seconds of the thing spinning the glass light bulb cover flew off as the fan whirred round. The reason it was lucky my husband was here was due to the fact he was able to catch the thing before it smashed. So it is now out of harms way and will not be returning to its rightful position until the heat has died down.

Why am I so fed up?

Salesmen more particularly car sales people. We were looking at ways of getting me back behind the wheel, bearing in mind I have not driven for over 18 months with various things happening to me medically. So we had explored the motability scheme as I qualify for this.

We have our own automatic car there are two problems with this. One it is rather large for when we go down south to visit family and trying to find a long enough parking space when on either side of the road from my brother-in-law's house is full of cars parked. Some of these are train travellers who can not be bothered to pay car parking at the station and hence try and find free parking.

The other problem with the automatic car is that I am unable to drive it without having it adapted with hand controls.

So we were trying to find a solution to this problem.

I also have a wheelchair which needs to fit in the boot of the car. Unfortunately some of the cars on the motability scheme in which the wheelchair fits require approximately £5000 advance payment. This is well out of our league.

We therefore contacted the scheme to see if we could get help with adapting our automatic car. They can't help private car owners with adaptions. Yet if I was to be accepted on the scheme they would adapt the automatic car of my choice free of charge.

So it is back to the drawing board which means I never go driving again and end up being ferried around by my husband or stuck indoors when he is out. So much for trying to lead an independent life.

I am so fed up with it all I have decided to give up my motoring days.



  1. Don't don't give up, please. There must be a away around it, and I know you are connected to many help organizations who I'm sure would advise you.

    Why not have a mobility car of your own, the cost is mimimal? Hugs, Carole. x

  2. Dear Carole

    I am trying to get a motability car of my own they want an advance payment of approximately £5000 to fit my requirements of needing to put the wheelchair in the boot. We have been round several garages with the wheelchair to see what models will fit our needs.

    It looks like I will just postpone the decision for another 3 months when the manufacturers decide the advance payments for various models.

    If not we may have to opt for a manual car with nil deposit which means I will never be able to drive it.