Friday, 10 July 2009

Some Progress

I have had a few things accepted recently. Another couple of poems for PoetryStreet. One poem for Mypoetry4U a charity website which I found through PoetryStreet. So this shows the power of the internet at its best helping others.

I received my first copy of ABLE Magazine today and in it was a letter I had submitted. So how come I submitted something without reading a copy of the magazine you ask? Well its like a certain member of the writing group I attend is always saying "Get your work out there". So I did just that without much research except from finding the magazine on the internet to see what audience they targeted and that was it.

So the small progress I am making is looking like a long list for the end of the year as every piece of work submitted by email or sent out by post is another small success. It is even more of a success if it gets published.

I just wish I didn't worry so much.

Best wishes and good luck to everyone on a writing journey.

Congratulations to Chris Owens on winning a competition.

Take care of yourselves


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