Saturday, 11 July 2009

SHOPPING and why I hate it

I decided to pluck up the courage and go shopping with my husband this morning. Little did I know what was in store for me (scuse the pun).

We decided to work our ways up the aisles in order so that we would not miss anything off the list in our heads. So much for that idea. Each time we tried to go in a straight line there were trolleys left in the middle of the aisles unattended or worse large pallets of goods again left unattended in the middle of the aisles with everyone else trying to get around these obstacles.

When we go shopping we attach a trolley to the wheelchair so that I can hold on to this and it makes shopping easier rather than balancing a basket on my lap - well it normally is.

Today being a Saturday was horrendous. The number of people who hit me with their baskets as they wandered around the shop was incredible. I am now black and blue and scratched. Some realised what they had done and apologised others just carried on barging their way through the various aisles without a word.

Having got through the ordeal we went to the disabled checkout. It is the only aisle that is wide enough to take a wheelchair. There were a lot ofable bodied people who were using this in front of us so we just patiently queued. Finally we got through the checkout where the lady on the till was really helpful and aksed if I was ok. I said I would be glad to get home after the ordeal of being knocked by customers. She looked horrified when she heard how rude some people are. She enquired as we left the checkout if I was ok and to make sure I took it easy when we got home. We then headed off to the lottery counter before departing the shop.

This was nearly the last straw for me. There was a gentleman being served by a man behind the counter and the lady behind the counter called us forward as we moved forward the gentleman rushed back against the trolley causing it to tip up and whip my neck and arm back and forward in a very short space of time. I was completely shocked by this impact. The staff were shocked too. We then bought our lottery tickets and headed out to the car with the rest of the shopping.

I was just grateful the ordeal was over. Some people just don't look out for wheelchairs or their occupants and this really creates problems as the ones I have encountered today. The answer is don't go shopping on a Saturday during busy hours. Stay at home and shop online or go shopping in the early hours if at all possible. People like me should not feel intimated about shopping or be forced to go at quieter times but this is life today.

Most people when they go shopping are blinkered and just charge ahead for what they want to purchase not giving others a second thought.

So I am now looking foward to a quiet Saturday afternoon and evening in at home with my other half.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. I avoid Saturday shopping in a supermarket at all costs.

    Any other day will do.

    Having said that, if you get there at opening time it isn't usually so bad.

    By late morning it is bad.

    By the afternoon it is hell on earth.

  2. Dear A Write Blog

    You are so right. I have tried going shopping on other days of the week and have come across rudeness or people just using the disabled checkout and making us queue but Saturday was horrendous.

    I am wondering about shopping online but as I spend most of my time indoors need to venture out sometime.

    Best wishes