Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What a Day

I was at the local hospital today promoting Cancer Research UK Relay for Life event to be held on the 12th and 13th September. We arrived prior to 9 am. There was an arrangement with the hospital that we would not have to purchase a car parking ticket as we were doing things for charity.

We spoke to the car park attendant and explained what we were doing and that an arrangement had been made for us to park our car. The lady car parking attendant said this was fine.

We set up inside and displayed our survivor t-shirts one on each side of us. We displayed various leaflets and posters on the counter and then decided to place a large bucket along with other posters and a banner across the way from us the other side of the foyer.

Initially the large banner was placed at an angle but the number of people that cut the corner and walked into it made us move it towards the tables and hopefully out of harms way.

We then positioned ourselves ready to pounce if anyone approached. This also gave me a chance to people watch.

A number of consultants walked past took a quick glance and walked on never to be seen again.

The porters were totally different smiling and making eye contact trying to work out what we were doing. As the day drew on they came over and chatted with us. Just as I was in the middle of my pitch a fire alarm went off and they had to dash off. This did not deter me as I was able to catch one of the porters just as he was leaving and finished the speel from where I had left it. This meant the porter left with a number of leaflets, bags for collecting clothes and other bric a brac to place in them and a poster to put in the staff room.

The nurses came and went during the day collecting the donation station bags for clothing etc to be placed in them.

The patients there were two classes of patient. Those that wanted to give and put money in the tubs on our side of the foyer as cancer had either affected them or members of their family so wanted to talk to us. This gave me a chance to let them know the difference between Relay and Race and many were keen to visit on the day even if not take part.

There were the other types of patients who did not want to talk but put money in the large bucket the other side of the corridor. I offered them words of thanks and a sticker. Some accepted a sticker others just walked off.

It was a good day and I am glad we stuck it out.

There was a snag when we got back to the car. A car parking ticket had been placed on it for £40. This was soon sorted out but we were not amused. The lady who had arranged the foyer slot for us was informed about the parking ticket and was not impressed either.

We know we will have to purchase a ticket when I go to the hospital as a patient in the next couple of weeks but those are other posts.

I rang the chair of our committee as soon as I got home to let her know how we had got on. Time will tell how successful today has been.

I am feeling really positive despite being tired.

Best wishes to everyone


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