Sunday, 28 June 2009

A Double

What does the heading mean? A double drink. Well definitely not.

I have managed to get two letters published in the News of the World today one under my own name the other under my husband's. He knows I do this.

I looked at the letters page and didn't see my letter at first. It was after reading each letter on the same topic that I discovered my own letter.

Further down the page was the one in my husband's name. He looked stunned when I showed him the letters page.

Obtaining the News of the World on a Sunday is certainly my motivation for the day as when my husband brings the newspaper in I immediately snatch it off him and scan it.

I obviously have a talent for writing letters lets see what other writing talents I have.

Today is going to be one of my biggest tests but without trying I know I will never succeed at anything.

Little things are mounting into bigger things who knows where this will all lead. One day I hope to achieve all my dreams but for now I plod along slowly.

Yesterday seemed to go well too with the launch of Cancer Research UK Relay for Life event in Shrewsbury. My wonderful supportive husband was able to hand out some posters to some shops where he knew the staff and let them know about the event.

It is going to be hard work but by doing things in advance the bigger jobs don't seem to be so huge a task as not to be able to be achieved.

Writing is like this. Start with small goals and the big ones will follow and fall into place.

With Simon's encouragement I now have some wonderful ideas for short stories so will see where these take me.

Best wishes


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