Saturday, 20 June 2009

Thank You for a Wonderful Start to my Day

Well I have returned home with a rubber duck!!! Yes I know you are all wondering why and what?!!!

Here is the answer this was the guest speaker at the writers meeting today and what a wonderful motivational person Liam is. Thank you Liam for inspiring me in keeping going with what I am trying to achieve.

I am determined now to get my book published. I know I have to wait until the end of August before I can decide whether to send it out to other publishers.

I made a fool of myself in reading this saying. Lets see how well you do.


What did you read?

Was it positive or negative?

post your comment at the bottom and I will then let you know the answer. My husband read it the same way I did too.

it reminds me of assume you should never do this as it can make an ass out of you and me. Ass u me. See what a play on words does.

Playing with words is what writing is all about. I just hope I can achieve my dreams.

Best wishes and thank you Wrekin Writers for a motivational day.

I am looking forward to next Sunday and not worried about it now.

Best wishes



  1. Hello Fee
    Wasn't it great, I just tested that on Martin my husband and to my annoyance he got it straight away, I was so jealous. I Feel so uplifted by today too, It really has made a massive impact in my confidence in writing.
    Love Di

  2. opportunity is nowhere; opportunity is now here..I can veer between one and the other in a matter of moments!

  3. Dear Helen

    I think we can all veer between the two. What we have to do is be as positive as we can.

    If something is annoying walk away from it for a while and calm down. If you look rationally at something or someone who iritates you remember it is not your fault and that they are either following rules made by others and hence have an inflexible attitude or something is completely beyond your control and you will deal with it in writing later.

    If it is a piece of work you are having trouble with. Walk away get some fresh air even just walking outside the house. Then return with fresh eyes. Believe me this works.

    If not grab a hot chocolate and calm down.

    Best wishes