Friday, 29 January 2010

Are you Looking to Change Your Life?

Yes I am. I am looking to be healthier, happier and motivated to achieve my goals.

What am I doing to achieve these? I had a visit from Health Trainers this week, they do home visits or you can attend a centre if you wish. It is a free service run by the NHS. They weighed me. Good news since the beginning of January I have lost half a stone. However, I still have a high BMI of 30, this should be lower. What can I do to change things?

First of all make sure I get three meals a day. I am not very good at this. I started well today. I had a poached egg on brown toast for breakfast. I had a baked potato and salad for lunch. I had half what I normally have for tea rather than a whole tin to myself I had half a tin. I have eaten fruit and drunk some fruit juice.

One warning I have received is don't count 5 portions of fruit as your five a day as they are full of sugar too. So I am doing well when I wrote my daily behaviour sheets today. No snacks at all in between meals. The ladies who visited me also checked how much alcohol intake I have per week and if I smoked. Good news, I don't drink much alcohol so that is not a worry. I have never smoked so that is ok. It is just diet and exercise we need to concentrate on.

What do I need to change I need to do vigorous exercise? I know I do disability sports and swimming but this is not enough to get me out of breath after ten minutes. What I will do is four very fast lengths when I first go into the pool and then take it more slowly and swim lengths the rest of the time.

So I am being positve, trying to achieve my goals, aims and dreams.

The Health Trainers Scheme is not a short quick fix. It is a slow realistic plan. They also recommend various gym courses and exercise programmes to suit the client.

Good luck if any of you have plans for the New Year. Go for your goals and achieve them.

Best wishes


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