Sunday, 29 November 2009

Being Organised

I hate crowds and detest shopping at the best of times. To avoid the rush and all the crowds I tend to buy presents online. This sometimes works out cheaper and if there are any problems there is plenty of time to resolve various issues.

This year I have bought various presents during all the last eleven months and these have been wrapped now.

This means there are no last minute panics and all the presents I intended to buy have been bought.

Being organised with writing is the same thing. Pick an article out of a paper to comment on, read it thoroughly and then write the letter to the various newspaper.

With article writing it is the same pick the topic you want to write about and plan it out. Then send it off either by post or email to the publisher concerned.

By being organised and planning time for writing things can get achieved.

People may snigger and say that it is silly being organised so early for Christmas but it does take the stress out of it all.

Best wishes


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