Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This is going to be comical

I recently discovered sports for disabled through a contact at a disability forum I attend.

Last Thursday we headed to Stafford I took my swimming stuff with me not knowing if I would need this or not. I soon discovered we would be outside on the athletics pitch. I had a go at throwing clubs from my wheelchair.

My wheelchair is an attendant wheelchair this means it has small wheels at the back and not the larger wheels which a user can self propel. The reason I do not have a self-propel wheelchair is due to the lack of use in my left arm. I have tried a self-propel wheelchair but each time I tried to manoevre myself I ended up going round in circles as my right arm has far more power than my useless left arm. I have only had the wheelchair since 2008 so I am still finding out information on sports, what is available for disabled people and how to overcome problems.

Well last night I travelled to Stafford again. I was determined to go out and do as much as possible. I hate being a couch potato and know I gain weight with lack of exercise.

Last night I threw clubs again and had a go at various other sports from the wheelchair. I was even shown how to discus. This got me extremely anxious as there is a swinging motion to it and due to the surgery down my left side I was worried about damaging the muscles or tissues which have been operated on over the last twenty years. I was also worried about the lymphoedema. I mentioned this to the person teaching me so they were aware of my worries. I gave it a go.

We worked at easy throws so that it wasn't too strenuous I know now that if I am cautious I can build up the speed and distance in time.

I had been informed that there is a competition in Coventry at the weekend and that I had been entered into the swimming part of the triathalon. This entails me swimming four lengths. This should not cause me a problem as I go swimming a lot and love it.

The next bit is where the comedy comes in. I have been entered into a wheelchair slalom this means turning at various points and manoevring around in a wheelchair under my own steam. I hope the video camera works as this will be absolutely hilarious with me attempting this.

Oh well at least I can have a laugh at having a go. It should all be lots of fun.

Best wishes to everyone whatever they are doing.



  1. You amaze me more and more with your courage and determination. We'd love to see the video! Hugs and a big well

  2. I am not going to take this too seriously. Taking part is what matters most and socialising.

    The video if it works will give everyone a giggle so we will wait and see how I do at the weekend.

    If you take life too seriously you never achieve anything with worry.

    Best wishes


  3. Hello Fee! I must say I am very pleased to see you trying to get out and do whatever you are able. It doesn't really matter what you're doing as long as you're "doing". Good on you. My husband is in a motorized chair as he is unable to manipulate the wheels and his left is also his weak arm. Considering he couldn't move either one of them after the accident, he is great!! Well, good luck to you. Have lot's of fun, you deserve it.