Tuesday, 24 November 2009

As requested Eunant Retreat

Eunant Retreat

The retreat arrived very fast
There were eight at this repast
Well Sue Ross she managed to get lost
Got her car turned round at no extra cost
She also completed a walk around the whole of the lake
And returned to have some tea and cake
Everyone else was worried as she was gone so long
That night there was music and song
No rest for the wicked not even at night
This lot got in a right state it would cause such a fright
Especially with Darren saying there was a blood stain
He stood and watched the colour drain
As he explained there was a plaque on the wall
And enjoyed telling them all
Bev and Di got their own back
He was worried they may attack
But no it was only a fairy story
That got him so full of worry
Bryan and Di oh how can they jive
To see this go to You Tube live
Susan and Mike even joined in the fun
I wonder if this will appear in the Sun?
Mike wanted to obtain photos of the stream
Susan wanted to scream
For Mike nearly got too close to the water
But he knew he oughta
Listen to Susan so in he came like a naughty school boy
All humble, apologetic and coy
Fee decided to have a bath
She thought she got locked in this was a laugh.
Beverley Cherry went somewhere palacial
To have a massage and a facial

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