Saturday, 13 March 2010

On The Mend

After last week's traumas out of the way I am now able to blog again.

The operation on both my eyes is now complete. I am unable to go swimming for four weeks so have itchy fingers and excess energy to utilise somehow or so I thought.

I am extremely tired not surprising really I suppose after what I have endured over the years.

A friend who has had the same surgery as myself is going through a hard time at present so we are both helping each other through the ups and downs of life. My worst fears came to fruitition when the car went wrong the week of the operation but luckily with back up plans in place this friend drove both myself and my husband to hospital.

One good turn deserves another so last week when her son went to the doctors and was advised to attend hospital we didn't hesitate to support her through that and return the favour as she didn't have transport at the time.

The cheque arrived from The Sun yesterday (still pinching myself).

Even though I can't go in the water at the local pool I even managed to attend last night to show my face and offer what support I could to the local swimming club.

Today has been hectic at home with rewiring being undertaken. Further problems were discovered with three light fittings in the house and one socket which will be undertaken at a later date.

Today I had a smile on my face as Able Magazine arrived and yet again another letter was published this time with a photograph. So I seem to have found a regular outlet for my writing.

My husband can't wait to show it to his mother tomorrow. He is so proud of my achievements to date.

I will get into the swing of writing again soon when I feel stronger at least I am on the mend.

Best wishes to you all.



  1. Hi Fee,
    And best wishes to you. Your positive outlook, although tested at times, is a remarkable example of human resilience at its finest.
    You have my utmost admiration, Fee.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  2. Dear Gary,

    Thank you as ever for your support.

    Best wishes


  3. So very pleased that the ordeal is behind you and you are feeling stronger, Fee. Happy blogging! Carole xx

  4. Thanks Carole and Sue,

    I am back slowly but surely.

    Just taking one day at a time.

    Thank you both for your best wishes and support.

    Best wishes to everyone.