Monday, 21 September 2009

Life is changing

This weekend has been busy. Despite having visitors I was not going to miss my writing group meeting.

Yesterday morning made a huge difference to our house. We had been offered a welsh dresser for our living room a few weeks ago and last week had measured to see if it would fit. It would just.

So from this junky mess to this in a very short time yesterday morning with the help of my nephew and his girlfriend.

What a difference a day makes.

To get the top of the dresser into the alcove we had initial put the base in first and then tried to lift the top up and tip it into the alcove at an angle. This didn't work. So I suggested moving the base out and then lifting the top in first. This meant one of the boys holding the top while the bottom was shuffled into place and then being carefully placed on top of the base.

I am so glad this suggestion worked as at the point we realised the top wouldn't tilt in we were thinking of taking it back. So now our home is beginning to look much better.

Unfortunately when we moved the junk out from the wall to get the dresser in we discovered a damp patch. Investigations revealed the tiles in the shower have come loose and hence water is seeping through the wall each time the shower is used. Needless to say we will now have to retile the shower, seal it and then seal the wall and repaint the living room wall. Thank goodness it was the wall that wasn't painted in 2007 so thank goodness for small mercies.

Life is like this at times you find happiness with one thing and then discover something else needs to doing to complete the job. So it will need 120 tiles to be replaced and resealed. We have also discovered the electric pump on the shower also needs to be replaced so it is one thing after another. If we concentrate on the shower and get that job solved it means the dresser will live happily in its new home for years to come.

So I have lots of things to achieve before the end of the year and will keep me busy.

Best wishes to everyone.


  1. What a marvellous transformation, Fee. It does look great, I've always fancied a Welsh Dresser, but never had one. Maybe one day...(sigh)...
    And finding that damp patch was indirectly a good thing, wasn't it, just think if the seepage had continued for a very long time, as it might have done, causing much more damage until you eventually found it.

  2. Hi Fee

    How lovely, it makes such a feature to a room doesn't it?

    I am so glad you could make it to the writers this month, all your successes were great, it was brilliant to see all those letters published.

    Love Di

  3. Dear Carole

    I know someone who is trying to sell a pine welsh dresser if you are interested.

    Thank you for your lovely comment I am so glad we did find the damp sooner rather than later. I always believe things happen for a reason.

  4. Hi Di,

    Yes it does make a lovely feature. With the touch lamp on it looks very romantic at night.

    Best wishes