Friday, 25 September 2009

More ups than downs

I had a down day yesterday but today has made up for it in more ways than one.

We went to three Macmillan Coffee mornings today in Shrewsbury. One was at the temping agency I used to work for and had stayed in touch with. I hadn't realised it was nearly ten years ago I first signed on with the agency.

In between the visits we had gone to give a thank you card to the florist who provided the flowers at the Cancer Research UK Relay for Life event survivors.

At the second coffee morning I mentioned my former boss. Whilst at a cash point, I noticed a car pull up and who should emerge but my former boss. He couldn't chat for long but what we have discovered is that so far the Cancer Research UK event had raised over £25,000 and may even reach more than that.

We then went to complete paperwork for the car tax only to discover we had forgotten the reminder letter. This meant a return trip home to sort it all out.

This done we headed back to Shrewsbury. Once everything was sorted we then had a snack and finally headed home.

Just after 5pm I received a telephone call. I have won a prize in the charity raffle held at one of the coffee mornings. I usually buy a raffle ticket for these events but never expect to win anything.

When I told Steve he said "that is for you, don't you give it away". I have until the end of October to use the voucher and have yet to collect it from the employment agency.

So will believe it when I collect the voucher worth £45.

I am so glad the events were

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  1. How lovely, can't wait to hear what you purchase with your prize money, and I do hope you take your husband's advice and for once keep it for yourself. Congratulations! Carole.