Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Things were going well :-(

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to post some good news on my recovery but to no avail. Tonight the out of hours doctor had to call and do a home visit. This means that this little person is now housebound for the rest of the week.

Oh well, this means more time for reading, knitting and whatever else takes my fancy.

I will also be having the pleasure of blood tests being carried out at home. Who knows it could even be a lovely young male doctor!!!

I expected to be tired after the anaesthetic and a little low but each time I have an operation it seems to take longer to get over than the last one. I know I will bounce back I have many times before. This time I have learn to be a patient patient if you know what I mean.

No more going out and about for me right now and it will take me a while to get back on my feet literally.

I just have to wait and see what the tests are going to show and hope that it is not more bad news.

I am keeping my spirits up as much as possible and have certainly not lost my sense of humour.

I just need to take this time out right now to recharge my batteries recover and move forward one step at a time.

Who knows what fantasy land I could end up in and write about.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. Dear Fee,
    Rest well, recharge your batteries and like you note, take one step at a time.
    Your positivity and sense of humour will continue to be a source of inspiration.
    My thoughts are with you. Best wishes and here's to you writing about a wonderful adventure in some fantasy land.
    With respect and kindness, Gary x

  2. That's it Fee, keep your spirits up and let your imagination run free!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, take care