Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Impossible has been achieved

Well who would have thought despite recuperating from an operation I have also managed to move home.

Yes I have managed to help pack hump some furniture and even move the cat to a new home.

What? I hear you say Fee moving we had no idea she was planning this so soon. We found out last Friday we had been selected for a housing association bungalow. Only snag was tenancy had to be taken up and move started on Monday 12th July.

Yes I am now blogging from my new home with a working telephone and internet connection too.

As soon as a box came into the property it was promptly unpacked and sent back to the old property to be refilled and emptied yet again and again. I didn't want to be surrounded by boxes and mess.

Even the pictures are up on the walls as of Monday afternoon.

We are lucky as our neighbours are wonderful. I awoke on Tuesday afternoon to a card placed under the front door. This was from our immediate neighbours who I had only said hello and our names to while venturing out for yet another load of furniture.

Today another card was placed under the front door without any names on the front of the envelope.

This was from our other neighbours who we hadn't even met.

It is nice to have such wonderful community spirit.

At our previous address we have been told "You are not to leave the close without coming back for a proper goodbye".

We had wonderful community spirit with the close. If someone was digging up a tree we would lend our loppers and grit to help with whatever chores were needed to be done. If a barbecue was being held the neighbours would turn up with a little something to drink. If any problems we all knew we could rely on one lady in particular who acted like Neighbourhood Watch. Woe betide you if you upset this lady the whole close would turn on you.

Now with the final bits to clear and cleaning up of the old property the number of offers of help have been coming thick and fast.

Long live community spirit it means so much in this day and age.

Best wishes to everyone.



  1. Dear Fee,
    This is a most encouraging posting. It's so nice to hear of community spirit in this often fast-paced and indifferent world.
    A positive environment does wonders for our well being. Best wishes and positive regards, Gary x