Tuesday, 20 July 2010


There are so many people to inform when a move takes place. The various benefits departments which in total took four phone calls and being placed on hold listening to the various music to then being put in a queue on hold for a very very long time. It wouldn't be so bad if these numbers were 0800 but being 0845 still costs a bit.

Next was the dentist that was easy no change of practice so can stay on the books at the dentist we use.

Doctors is a bit unsure of catchment area so will telephone us back to see if we have to move practices.

Council Tax Department was informed as soon as we signed the tenancy agreement via the housing association so that saved a bit of time and a phone call.

I am determined to keep on top of informing people and aim to advise at least two a day.

Otherwise a whole day would be taken up with telephone calls.

Having gone to the old address yesterday evening to remove some smaller items from the house I returned to the new home to discover someone had tried to ring but the number was withheld. At present we have not got the answer service set up with our telephone provider (something they omitted to do) and we are waiting for this to happen within 48 hours. As the caller could not leave a message and we have no idea who telephoned as the number was withheld I have no idea which council department, housing association or other such body has tried to telephone us. I wish these departments would unblock the withheld number so that we know who has telephoned.

Friends of mine will not accept withheld numbers on their telephones and have informed the local authority departments of this. They still receive telephone calls from these departments and have access to their telephone numbers so why can the same not be done to help communicate with others.

I have managed to change my magazines subscriptions online via email so that no confusion arose over telephone calls with "S" and "F" getting muddled up and this also saved me time.

As for driving licences once production of ID issues have been sorted out with various departments requiring photographic identification then these will be sent off to the DVLA.

So on the whole I am up to date with the bureaucracy of moving.

Best wishes to everyone



  1. Dear Fee,
    My goodness. There is indeed so much to do when you change addresses. I always think, is there something or somebody I have forgot to tell.
    Anyway, you sound very organised and I'm sure that soon you will have a bit of time to relax in your new place.
    Best wishes to you, Gary :-)

  2. I hate bureo...beuro...bloody forms.
    I'm supposed to be fillling in online forms for student stuff as we speak.
    Checking out blogs is an excellent delaying tactic.

  3. Dear Fee,
    You are such a source of inspiration. In recognition of this, I have a blogging award waiting for you over at my site.
    Hope you and your loved ones are having a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect, Gary :-)