Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Another Good Day

This week is going well so far (or perhaps I shouldn't say that in case fate turns). I have had letters printed in The Sun on two consecutive days and one in the News of the World on Sunday. Not bad for an amateur.

I must say a quick thank you to Di Perry whose email has supported me to keep going. It is nice to know when someone sees something and is inspired by it. I had no idea my blog would have that effect. So thank you Di for letting me know.

October looms large and extremely busy. Good job I am not getting married this year. Don't think I would have the time to plan and organise it. Not sure how I managed to do it all last year but we did.

I have two visits to London in October for two days with a gap of approximately a week in between each one. Will let you know more about those in a future post.

I am off out with my husband to day playing at being posties delivering letters to the local residents near to where the relay is to be held. It is like holding a party you have to invite the neighbours!! So our printer has had a battering yesterday to do these for us and it ran out of ink in the process (luckily I had some spare).

So I had better dash catch up with you all later.

Bye for now

Best wishes to you all



  1. Hi Fee,
    Well done for having your letters published in 'The Sun'.
    Glad to know you are keeping active. Keep up the good work and happy blogging.
    Warm wishes, Gary:-)

  2. Thanks for your support Gary. It means a lot.

    Best wishes to you.