Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hospital Again

I had a bronchoscopy today during which they took various samples including biopsies of my lungs.

I felt pretty ok when I left hospital but when I got home I was sleepy following the sedation. I went to bed and dozed on and off taking sips of cold squash from 1.05 pm. I was hungry as I hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon.

When I felt able to I had a sandwich with the crusts cut off to prevent me choking. Steve has been good support as ever.

At 7 pm I got up as I felt a little better but weak by the time I got to the bathroom I was sweating and felt faint. To make myself feel better I had a cold shower. This certainly helped.

I am now having cold drinks and sipping ice pops to cool my throat down.

This feels like an enforced cold and won't last long. My first reaction was to want strepsils but that is not a good idea.

I just have to wait for an appointment to come through the post and then it will be back to the hospital to get the results.


  1. Thanks Carole

    I have still got the sore throat but hope it will go soon.

    Best wishes to you too.