Friday, 14 August 2009

Power Cut

Strange how when something is missing you realise just what it means to you.

A power cut occurred tonight. Having received a telephone call from a friend to go out with them. I thought I could do with having a shower. NO. It then dawned on me to turn on the shower you have to pull a cord which means it is run by electricty.

Not able to microwave food.

Leave the fridge freezer shut to ensure freshness of food.

Gas hob is ok except to light it there is an electric spark but so long as matches are available problem solved.

Cooker that is electric so no go there.

Grill that is part of the cooker so no luck with that.

Lights all of which are run by electricity.

TV that is electricity

Laptop so long as battery is charged up not a problem so long as you do not want to connect to the internet

Main computer that is a no.

It just goes to show how reliant on electricity we have become.

I wonder what else we would do if we didn't have electricity.

It has certainly made me think tonight.



  1. The same happens when the car conks out. I am left feeling utterly helpless.

    Makes you realise how adaptable we are. That we can become within a generation or even less, so dependent on things and adapt to a whole new way of life.

    I wonder what my descendents will become dependent on.

  2. There is a story in there somewhere.

    Best wishes to you